Steps to Avoid After an Accident

Jan 30, 2021 9:08 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Jan 30, 2021  4:08 AM ET

Car accidents can leave people reeling, and oftentimes people are in such shock they do not appropriately react. How a person reacts at the time of the accident can influence their insurance claim and/or case against the other party. Whether a person calls the police or tries to leave the scene can all impact the value of their claim which is why there are a few steps to avoid doing after being in a car accident.

Not Calling the Police

When accidents occur the police should always be called, even if there is no damage done to the vehicles. A police report should be filed, especially if the driver is looking to make an insurance claim. This police report can serve as proof, or evidence, that the accident the driver is claiming happened actually occurred. An official report could make it more difficult for the insurance company to flat out deny a claim.

Leaving the Accident Scene

In Georgia, fleeing the scene of an accident could be considered a hit and run. Georgia classifies hit and run accidents as felonies, but could be considered a misdemeanor if the accident does not involve personal injury. Leaving the scene of the accident means that, if the driver was at fault they could be charged with a more severe charge, and if they were not at fault leaving the scene could weaken the driver’s claim.

Not Exchanging Information

Georgia outlines that if a driver is engaged in an accident the driver must exchange their information with the relevant parties, which is commonly the other driver involved in the accident or law enforcement. The not-at-fault driver has to provide their information, such as name and vehicle information to the at-fault driver, exchanging information also makes it easier to contact the involved parties when going through the claims process.

Foregoing Medical Attention

Those involved in a car accident should always seek immediate medical attention. There are a few reasons why immediate medical attention should be sought; proof of injuries can make the claims process easier and some injuries may not immediately be seen, such as traumatic brain injuries. It is extremely beneficial to have a medical record outlining the sustained injuries. In accident situations a person’s adrenaline could be up so they might not feel injured until a few hours after the accident and that could risk more damage.

Admitting Fault

When a driver admits fault, they become liable for all sustained damages from the accident. While the insurance company will investigate to determine who was at-fault in the accident when fault is admitted the investigation stops, as a confession is all the evidence needed. Drivers should never admit fault, however that does not mean they should lie about the circumstances of the accident. Drivers when questioned should answer them honestly but not give more information or details than necessary. Even when drivers believe they were completely at-fault for the accident they should still not admit fault as investigators might find the other party was partially responsible.

Not Contacting an Attorney

It is strongly recommended that if you or a loved one were involved in an accident that an experienced attorney should be contacted. A Georgia attorney could walk you through your options and help you decide a course of action going forward.