Steve Buchanan Omaha Explains the Importance of Farm-to-Table for Our Health

Jul 9, 2020 3:10 PM ET

Farm-to-table advocate and family farmer, Steve Buchanan Omaha knows that farm-to-table is the way of the future for our health.

Omaha, NE / iCrowd/ July 9, 2020

Growing up on a family farm and eventually owning his own farm, Steve Buchanan Omaha has over 40 years of experience as a farmer. Born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, he’s spent most of his life being outside and being on a farm. Rain or shine, he spends each day in the field caring for his animals and tending to his crops. And most of this is for a greater purpose.

Steve Buchanan Omaha‘s farm is not only for his and his family’s use. Actually, Steve Buchanan Omaha provides local restaurants with fresh food from his farm. As a self-proclaimed health nut and adamant advocate for the growing farm-to-table movement, Steve Buchanan Omaha is taking the steps necessary first at a local level in his own neighborhood to hopefully help a bigger movement. It all starts on the local level, and he understands that his farm and the food he provides to restaurants in his neighborhood are one important piece of a growing farm-to-table movement in the food and restaurant industry.

“Farm-to-table is just so important,” Steve Buchanan Omaha says. “As a nature advocate, farmer and entrepreneur for over 40 years, I understand that the ingredients that we grow must be done the right way. This is vital for our environment, our health, and our future.”

Farm-to-table, a movement that promotes serving local food through direct acquisition of the producer, has to happen on a local level and is something that every local person must be in support of in their area as well. Without local farmers, locally-grown produce cannot be acquired for where you, your children, friends, and family all eat. Only the best and freshest are included in the farm-to-table movement.

Although farm-to-table is a huge reason that Steve Buchanan Omaha continues farming to this day, family is the most important aspect of his life. Steve Buchanan Omaha has been married to his wife, Samantha, for 15 years, and the two have three beautiful daughters. Steve’s twin brother, Sean, owns a dairy farm, and the two have had a goal of opening their own restaurant since they were kids — a farm to table restaurant, of course!

Steve Buchanan Omaha is looking forward to expanding farm-to-table awareness across Nebraska, and providing more families with fresh, locally grown ingredients.


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