Steve Harvey Suits-Where To Get The Look

Aug 14, 2020 5:50 AM ET

The three-piece stylish outfits of Steve Harvey are something that many men wish to imitate and with good cause. They would look classy and sleek with a big wave of modern style. But where can one get such an outfit at a decent price? Or other types of suits that are still classy but more suited to their look? The short answer is online at Designer Church Suits.

But Who Is Steve Harvey?

For those who do not know Steve Harvey (full name Broderick Stephen Harvey) was born on 1957, January 17. He is a stand-up comedian, entertainer, businessman, and a host of several shows. The most well-known are “Family Feud”, “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” as well as the Miss Universe competition.

He has also written four books, two of them: “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man” which become a bestseller in March 2012. Plus, he founded the Steve Harvey Global. It is an entertainment company. The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation which is a non-profit organization was also foundered by him with his wife Marjorie Harvey. The purpose of the organization is to focus on the education of the youth.

Steve Harvey also has several awards such as Daytime Emmy (six times), Marconi Award (two times), and NAACP Image Award (14 times). It is no surprise that many people find him an inspiration. The best way to show you admire someone is to mimic their dress sense.

The Types Of Suits On Offer

The Steve Harvey Reserve Collection is the best collection that shows off the style of Mr. Harvey. It has a collection of classy outfits with the well-known three-piece suit with an inner vest. The vest can come in different colors and even have patterns on them.

There is also an assortment of double-breasted two-piece suits as well as good-looking one-piece collar blazers. Every suit in the collection has the standard plain white shirts and you can mix and match different colors of ties or bowties. And the pants are in a wide-legged design as Steve Harvey is known to wear. The suits themselves come in a range of colors from Merlot, burgundy, gray, and navy. Some of the outfits can also have a plaid pattern look to them.

The Cost

The class and grace of owning one of these marvelous  Steve Harvey suits  are affordable with the highest price going for about 199 USD for the whole set. There is currently a sale going on at Designer Church Dresses giving you the chance to grab more than one without thinning your wallet too much.

The prices of the suits not only include the style of Mr. Harvey, but they are also comfortable to wear. Plus, there are made from the top of the line quality. There is a range of colors, styles, sizes, and cuts to choose from. This means that you can get a suit for all occasions from attending Church service to a day in the office or a social gathering. So get a set to make you feel good.

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