Steven Odzer Explores Decades of Expertise Committed to Serving Businesses, Communities, and Families

Jan 8, 2024 7:00 PM ET

In a world grappling with unprecedented challenges such as pandemics and environmental threats, the role of businesses in bolstering the well-being of communities and families has never been more critical. One company standing at the forefront of this societal change is Lifeguard. Steven Odzer is on a mission to ensure a clean, safe, and virus-free environment for businesses, families, and communities across the USA.

A Three-Decade Journey to Excellence

With over 30 years of experience and partnership with leading personal protective equipment (PPE) manufacturers like BT Supplies West and Global Supply & Industries (GSI), the organization has solidified its reputation as a leading manufacturer of sanitation products and medical disinfectants.

The Product Range: More Than Just Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizers and Wipes

While hand sanitizers are a staple in their product catalog, the company’s offerings go well beyond that. Wipes, for example, provide an added layer of protection against germs and bacteria on surfaces and are ideal for home and commercial use.

Medical Masks and Disposable Gloves

Given the current necessity to stay protected, the organization has expanded its product line to include medical masks and disposable gloves. These are crucial PPE elements that go hand-in-hand with their sanitizers and wipes.

Customization for All Budgets and Sizes

Recognizing the diverse needs of businesses, communities, and families, Lifeguard offers products that accommodate all budgets and business sizes. Whether it’s a small family requiring a month’s supply of masks or a large corporation needing bulk quantities, they have a solution.

Strategic Partnerships for Optimal Distribution

BT Supplies West and Global Supply & Industries (GSI)

The organization has partnered with BT Supplies West and Global Supply & Industries (GSI) to meet the escalating demand for top-grade medical and PPE supplies. These alliances have expanded Lifeguard’s manufacturing capabilities and optimized distribution strategies to ensure that products are available when and where they are needed most.

Serving a Nationwide Customer Base

Lifeguard doesn’t discriminate when it comes to serving the community. Whether they’re new or returning customers, the company welcomes customers with a wide range of high-quality PPE products. Their optimized distribution network ensures timely deliveries, thus making them a reliable partner in every customer’s health and safety needs.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Social Responsibility

In addition to providing top-quality PPE supplies, they are committed to sustainability and social responsibility. The company is continuously working on reducing its environmental impact by adopting eco-friendly manufacturing processes and materials.

The Symbiosis of Safety and Sustainability

While Lifeguard’s primary mission is to keep businesses, communities, and families clean, safe, and virus-free, its commitment extends beyond immediate healthcare needs to long-term sustainability goals. The company recognizes that environmental responsibility cannot take a back seat in the drive to manufacture essential safety products. So, how do they navigate this delicate balance?

Material Selection: Prioritizing Eco-Friendly Inputs

Biodegradable Plastics and Fabrics

One of the cornerstones of their continual strategy is the choice of materials. For instance, wherever possible, the company opts for biodegradable plastics in the packaging of sanitizers, wipes, and gloves. It significantly reduces the lifetime of waste in landfills.

Ethically-Sourced Raw Materials

Lifeguard is committed to ensuring that all raw materials are ethically sourced, prioritizing suppliers that share their continual and social responsibility values.

Energy-Efficient Manufacturing

Solar-Powered Facilities

To minimize its carbon footprint, it employs solar power for some energy needs in its manufacturing facilities. Renewable energy decreases the company’s dependence on fossil fuels and lessens its environmental impact.

Process Optimization

Through continuous improvement methodologies like Lean and Six Sigma, they constantly refine their manufacturing processes for greater energy efficiency and lower waste production.

Waste Management: A Circular Economy Model

Recycling and Upcycling Programs

In addition to reducing waste through design and material choices, the company has initiated recycling programs, encouraging customers to return used PPE items. These materials are then sterilized and recycled into new products or upcycled for different uses.

Zero-Waste Goals

The company has set ambitious zero-waste goals to divert as much waste as possible from landfills and towards more sustainable options like recycling and composting.

Partnerships for Sustainability

Collaboration with Environmental Organizations

Lifeguard has formed partnerships with several environmental organizations to improve its sustainability practices further. These collaborations help them stay up-to-date with the latest continual research and technologies.

Auditing and Certification

Lifeguards regularly undergo third-party continual audits to meet and exceed continual standards. It is critical to their commitment to being as transparent and responsible as possible.

Community and Employee Engagement

Sustainability Education

The company educates its community and employees about the importance of sustainability, fostering a culture where everyone is committed to environmental responsibility.

Volunteer Programs

Lifeguard sponsors regular employee volunteer programs centered on environmental cleanup and conservation, reinforcing their dedication to sustainability at a grassroots level.

More Than Just Products, A Legacy of Responsibility

The organization is a leader in medical and PPE supplies and a pioneer in responsible business practices. Investing in sustainable materials, energy-efficient manufacturing, and waste management demonstrates that businesses can be both profitable and environmentally responsible. Their approach to sustainability is not just a business strategy; it’s a commitment to future generations.

The Lifeguard Promise

In these challenging times, the importance of health and safety can’t be overstated. With decades of expertise, the company is committed to serving businesses, communities, and families. They offer a wide array of products to keep people clean, safe, and virus-free and strive for excellence in every facet of their operations.

For Lifeguard, the journey doesn’t end with a sale; it’s a lifelong commitment to making the world a safer place, one product at a time.

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