Summer Programs for Kids: A Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit

Jun 27, 2023 3:00 PM ET

Not every child enjoys participating in all types of summer activities. However, through their diverse summer programming, all activities implemented at our child care programs in Rockville, MD are unique in their structure. They’re designed to appeal to every child – whether they excel in them, or whether the activities are new to them.  The decision that parents and caregivers face is: How do you find the perfect fit of activities for your child?

Look Beyond Books and Video Games

Parents, and caregivers looking for appropriate summer programs for their young kids, face a daunting task when making decisions regarding those programs. Often, a parent will try to choose programs that focus only on activities that their child excels at: Science or Math, for example. However, the objective of a summer program is to give kids a chance to explore activities beyond what they typically enjoy and shine at.  

Some kids enjoy reading, while others love playing video games or outdoor sports. Summer programs, for kids at the childcare location in Rockville MD, offer more than just reading, writing and math! Like other institutions within the Montgomery Child Care Association (MCCA) family, school age kids here enjoy a broad variety of activities that help keep the children’s minds sharp, bodies active, and spirits high. Depending on which programs you sign-up your child for:

– They will participate in activities that are structured around different themes each week

– Activities can include sporting action and games

– Kids, who have a more creative streak, will be able to participate in arts and crafts projects

– And, for the more practical-minded child, they’ll discover new experiences through hands-on activities 

The best fit program for your child, therefore, is one that includes elements of a diverse set of activities. These may be indoors and outdoors sports, swimming and aqua-based activities, painting, drawing, or group activities. The idea behind finding the perfect-fit summer program is simple: Give your child the opportunity to be involved in new experiences and, who knows, they might even find a new hobby or interest!

Making Your Choice

Before you decide which programs are the most appropriate for your child, it’s important to assess who runs the programs, and whether the timing and scheduling appeals to you. Staff, who have designed and oversee summer programming at our child care center in Rockville MD, are experienced at developing programs that provide highly creative experiences to young children. From music and dancing, to camping fun and cooking, young kids will enjoy every activity that these programs offer.

So, what makes the “perfect fit” for a summer program? It’s a blend of something old and something new; Something to learn, and something to do!  With so many diverse activities included in the programs, children are bound to find ones they excel at – like sports; while also learning newer ones – like cooking! – that appeals to their senses.

Parents enrolling their child in summer programs at our child care programs in Rockville, MD will also find the schedules of those programs are a “perfect fit” for them. The hours of operation for the programs are ideal for busy parents and working home-care givers alike.

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