Sunglasses myths exposed: Don’t believe it when they say “expensive is always better”!

Dec 30, 2020 12:48 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 30, 2020  7:48 AM ET

As a sunglass’s aficionado myself, I’ve always wondered whether everything I read about my favorite fashion accessory was true. The media often tells you: Don’t waste money buying a dozen wholesale sunglasses, you only really need one pair of them! And then there’s another myth that says: Sunglasses are only good when it’s sunny outside – so don’t bother carrying them around all the time. And, of course, cost always features around myths: The more expensive they are, the better they are!

Myths Exposed

The truth about myths is that the more often they’re repeated, the more likely it is that people believe them. So, let’s take those three myths about sunglasses and try t pull them apart:

  1. No more than a single pair: Really? Remember, fashionable sunglasses make a great fashion accessory. From Aviator to Urban designs, and from Thick-Framed to lined Tinted versions – they all work to accentuate various components of a wardrobe. If you are a fashionista, you’d want a dozen pairs of stylish sunglasses to go with each component of your wardrobe ensemble.
    Of course, the trick is finding a supplier that offers you a wider selection of fashionable sunglasses – not just the typical run-of-the-mill versions with dark green or olive lenses. So, having just a single pair is not a good idea. Buy them wholesale and you’ll thank yourself that you did.
    Myth busted!
  2. Work only for sunny days: Not true! Ask any ophthalmologist and they’ll tell you that, even slight bit of chronic direct sunlight exposure to the eyes has the potential to accelerate the process of ocular tissue aging. Any eyewear that you put on adds to protecting prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, which translates to healthy eyesight for many years to come.
    Myth busted!
    Choose a pair of trendy wholesale sunglasses so you’ll not only protect your eyesight but also make a trendy fashion statement.
  3. Expensive is better: For whom? Perhaps for the manufacturers of branded labels – but not for consumers who buy multiple pairs of sunglasses every year and use them more as fashion statements.
    Retailers who sell trendy fashionable sunglasses provide an invaluable, low-cost alternative to fashion-conscious consumers. So, why should someone spend hundreds of dollars for a single pair of sunglasses, when they can buy a dozen pairs for anywhere between $9 and $70?  It makes no sense at all.
    Myth busted!

Sourcing Your Sunglasses

Whether you are a retailer or small business owner selling directly to your consumer, either online or in-store; or whether you are a consumer looking to source trendy sunglasses for yourself, it pays to buy from a reputable wholesale sunglasses supplier.

Look for someone who carries a variety of shapes and styles, and who refreshes their stock frequently. Check out their inventory to ensure they carry a broad range of stylish sunglasses, from vintage-classic to modern design. Above all, because these are fast-moving items with high demand, make sure your supplier guarantees shipment within 2 to 5 days.