Survey: More shoppers using mobile devices in-store

Mar 28, 2020 4:50 AM ET

Mobile devices are helping shoppers find products in-store, especially grocery shoppers. That’s a key takeaway from Inmar Intelligence’s new report which finds nearly three quarters of grocery store shoppers are using mobile apps while picking up groceries.

According to Inmar’s recent From AI to VR: Mapping Shoppers Preferences for Emerging Retail Technology 68% of grocery shoppers are now using their grocers’ mobile apps while shopping; more than that, though, 71% say they ‘are interested’ is using mobile apps to help them find items faster. And they aren’t just looking for deals as 72% said they would like to see digital shelving displays that provide meal ideas.

“Shoppers embracing technology for grocery is a trend that has been around for some time. In fact, we found that 41% of shoppers say they regularly use technology to make grocery shopping easier,” said David Mounts, Chairman and CEO of Inmar Intelligence. “Using technology to improve the in-store customer experience is not only beneficial for customer loyalty, but it is also an excellent tool for cross-selling and basket building. Retailers must be creative in sharing offers with shoppers. Finding the right technology mix is key for driving in-store engagement.”

Other interesting findings from Inmar’s report include:

• 44% of those surveyed use social media while shopping for groceries, 30% of those are using Facebook
• 17% use Instagram while shopping to get meal ideas, 11% use Pinterest
• 81% are interested in ‘in store directories’ to point them to specific items
• 91% would like to see digital shelving displays with deal/coupon information

“How shoppers utilize mobile and in-store technology to make their experience more convenient is an important part of an informed strategy for food retail. But, before investing in digital transformation, retailers need to make sure they understand what is most important for shoppers when it comes to the in-store customer experience,” said Mounts.

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