Texas Mother Sues Police After Her Call for Help Turns into a Case of Police Brutality

Feb 24, 2020 11:05 PM ET

After a mother in DeSoto called her local police department for help with breaking up a fight that erupted between two of her sons, she was shocked at how officers reacted when they arrived. Sammie Anderson, the mother of the two boys, claimed that when police arrived, “the scene was calm,” yet they approached the family’s home with their weapons drawn [Source: The Dallas Morning News].

Anderson said that one officer “instigated the aggression” by slamming her to the ground and then tasering her son Grant Bible even after “he complied with orders to lay down in the street.” The officers then arrested Grant and his brother Sam Bible “for allegedly interfering with officers.” But after The Dallas Morning News obtained footage from the incident, it “showed they did nothing illegal.”


Anderson Files Complaint Alleging Excessive Force, District Attorney John Creuzot Dismisses it

After the incident, Anderson filed a complaint regarding the mistreatment she and her sons had been subjected to. Not only was her complaint dismissed despite it accusing officers of excessive force, but none of the six officers involved faced any sort of disciplinary action for their behavior. The following six officers were those that Anderson had accused of misconduct: Bryan Scott-Lee, Patrick Krekel, Larry Walker, Courie Bryant, Ryan Money, and Kendall McGill.

After Anderson realized her complaints were not being properly addressed, she decided to file a civil lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for Northern Texas.

Although the lawsuit does not specify damages being sought by the family, it does accuse the city of racial profiling as well as cite police demographic data on traffic stops in the suburb. The mother’s attorneys cited in the lawsuit that “DeSoto officers pulled over African-American drivers more frequently than non-blacks in recent years and in higher numbers than the percentage of blacks who live in DeSoto.” The lawsuit also addresses Anderson’s son being tasered.

The suit alleges that when Grant was tasered by officers, their body cameras were turned off. The news source managed to match footage obtained from the body and dashboard cameras and found that “three of the cameras went dark when officers held him down during the tasing.” Per the department’s policy, officers are expected to turn their body cameras on and leave them on when they arrive at a call.

Aside from seeking justice, the family decided to file a civil lawsuit not only “to protect other African American residents” from police misconduct, but to also force the City of DeSoto “to take responsibility for the mishandling of [the] 911 call [that was made by Anderson.]”


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