Texas, Who is Legally Responsible for Damages after a Truck Loses Control?

Apr 10, 2020 9:25 PM ET

A single-vehicle accident involving a truck often leads most people to automatically believe that it is the truck driver who is at fault for the accident and that they alone have to shoulder the responsibility of covering all the resulting damages and bills. However, if a truck loses control while on the road it isn’t always just the driver’s fault.

Some factors that may contribute to a collision that are not in the control of the driver include:

Poor truck maintenance
Poor truck manufacturing
Improperly loaded trailer
Over-demanding schedule
Bad weather conditions
Poor road maintenance

Any of the above factors can lead a truck driver to lose control of their vehicle and result in a collision that would not necessarily be entirely their fault.

There are many other parties who may be guilty of negligence, and can therefore, be held to account for the collision. A truck driver who finds that their vehicle lost control while they were on the highway should get in touch with a truck accident attorney in Texas as soon as possible. With a qualified attorney by one’s side, a person can rest assured a thorough investigation will be launched into determining who contributed to the collision, so all the fault doesn’t go directly to the truck driver and damages such as medical bills and harm to property can be distributed across all those who are involved.

Generally, drivers assume that police officers will be able to discern whether a third party is at fault, however, this is not the case. Law enforcement officers will only look to see if the crime was committed and question those who were immediately involved in the accident. It is up to the truck driver to hire an attorney to help them launch an investigation to prove that the truck accident wasn’t entirely their fault.

Who else can be held responsible other than the truck driver?

Depending on what exactly caused the collision, a third party can be liable for acting negligently. For instance, if an investigation discerns that some internal part of the truck stopped functioning properly and caused the driver to lose control the truck manufacturing company or the individual responsible for maintaining the truck can be questioned and told to contribute to cover the damages.

If it is determined the road was very out of shape and this caused the truck to lose control, the entity responsible for road maintenance can be interviewed and held to account as well. Getting in touch with a lawyer is the first step a truck driver should take after getting into a collision in order to ensure the case is thoroughly investigated and all the fault does not unnecessarily fall on the truck driver alone.


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