Texas Woman Accused Of Murdering Boyfriend By Pinning Him Against A Pillar

Apr 7, 2020 3:00 PM ET

Vasquez and Monica Martinez, 44

A Texas lady purportedly killed her sweetheart at a service station on Thursday night by utilizing her vehicle to stick him against a column.

Declared dead at the hospital

KVIA revealed that Jorge Vasquez, 39, was articulated dead at an emergency clinic after officials discovered him lethargic at a Valero service station in El Paso. El Paso police Sergeant Enrique Carrillo said specialists at first didn’t smell a rat because of the absence of wounds on Vasquez.

Detectives obtained surveillance footage from the gas station

Carrillo clarified that analysts acquired observation film from the service station which evidently demonstrated Vasquez and Monica Martinez, 44, contending in the parking garage. As indicated by the news station, he said Martinez was recorded crashing into Vasquez, who was walking, and sticking him against a help column until he crumbled.

KTSM detailed that Martinez denied executing Vasquez.

Charges and bond

Martinez, who is accused of homicide, stays imprisoned on a $1 million bond.

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