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The seventh of the pentagrams is a stop to look around and appreciate what you have made. This symbolizes the need to regularly analyze your progress, what you have achieved and what you are still doing. The road may not have been easy and the work is not done, but your foundation is solid. This card will remind you not to ignore or minimize your performance anymore!

What positive results have you achieved in your life? Have you ever recorded your performance to see how much you’ve done? Have you ever looked around and enjoyed everything you’ve made and worked for?

The man on the card rests on his carefully crafted fields. The fields are not quite ripe for harvest yet, but the man is proud to follow the work. He did it himself, and he sees the results he created. He is able to stop being productive long enough to really appreciate what he has shown. He is not a crazy ego (look at his clothes!), but he has a healthy sense of self-worth that comes only from hard work.

Today you are asked to write down five positive results in your life that you have fought hard for. Five things you can give up by taking the easy way out. The five things that has shown you can really do ! Five things that proved you can handle it. What are your proudest achievements? Take the time to think about it…

Got your list?

Now look at the items in the list as if you saw them for the first time. Think about the phase of your life before you reach it. What was life like then? What accident did you overcome to get here? Was it hard not to give up? Be proud of every item on your list. Thank your body for not walking and your mind for not collapsing. Thank your heart for healing in painful times. Thank your mind for lifting yourself and overcoming obstacles. You did this and you should thank yourself for it. To be more positive in your life you have to clearly see (and appreciate) what you have already shown.

You can achieve any positive result for your future. Look at your list, you’ve already done it.

If the sieves in pentagram appear upside down, this means there is still a lot of work to be done. Despite the fact that there is a lot to do, and it can seem overwhelming, it is quite possible to finish it all off in front of you. On this map you will be asked to prioritize your tasks. Look out! Look out! The seventh of the pentagrams in upright or inverted position is a card that rewards effort.

The seventh of the pentagrams (inverted) indicates that your tasks are numerous, but that they can be carried out if you set the priorities on which you want to focus. Don’t waste a minute of energy, but try to start with a big monster. As an artist who finishes a sketch, you can always look back and later take care of the details. Make sure you have a solid base. Slow down and develop a solid plan of action.

Seven of the (inverted) pentagrams can also indicate that you need to be more patient with yourself. Admit your efforts and be nice to yourself. It may feel like pushing upwards, but soon you will reach the top and the impulse will be felt on the side.

If she had called you…

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