The complete guide on becoming popular on Instagram

Aug 8, 2019 12:15 PM ET

The Complete Guide On Becoming Popular On Instagram

The world on Instagram can be summarized in one word—happening!

It’s crazy. It’s curious. It’s creative.

And if you want to become the Alpha in the IG world, then you need to join the flock and show everyone what you’ve got!

But before you strike the perfect pose or pout in your new Kylie lipstick, here are a few things you need:

A Theme

Look at the most popular IG profiles around the world—they ALL follow some kind of a theme. A theme sets the mood for your profile, speaking louder than your content or choice of images alone. It creates that ‘vibe’ you’re going for, attracting more followers instantly!

Proper Golden Hour Inspired Lighting

If you’re running a self-owned IG account, then here is what you need to keep in mind—golden hour is your best friend. You know that time of the day when the sun is about to set or hasn’t set completely? Use it to snap the perfect picture!

The Instagram community loves golden hour pictures. According to famous YouTuber and Instagram Influencer, Drew Scott, taking the perfect IG shot requires “Lighting, lighting, lighting. Honestly, lighting is everything. It can make or break a photograph.”

And no amount of indoor lighting (unless it’s a studio setup) can help bring out your complexion, features and eyes as perfectly as the Golden Hour does. What’s so amazing about snapping photos as this time of the day is that you don’t necessarily need a filter (unless it’s out of your theme) either!

Gorgeous Background

A picture with a messy bedroom or taking a full length selfie in an empty hall—what’s better? Of course, the one without the mess and stress! Your background matters just as much as your outfit or makeup does. No one became popular with an unruly or unattractive background.


So some tips for choosing a background include:

Stand behind greenery or flora if it matches your theme (or if you don’t have a theme)
Choose bright colored walls if you’re wearing neutral colors
Choose neutral or nude shaded walls if you’re wearing bright colors
Sit or stand in a tidy room

The Most Important—Imageupscaler

One of the most important things to remember when trying to make a visually appealing Instagram profile is to find the best image resizer. The most important step to becoming popular on Instagram is to ensure that your profile is visually attractive.

While following a theme can be an eye-grabber, having an image too small in size can easily make your viewers lose their interests. On top of that, if the image quality is poor, then your dreams of fame will crash and burn!

This is why, you need to hook yourself up to a premium image resizer such as Image Upscaler. It is a specialized tool that resizes tiny images into larger ones. But what makes it such a useful tool is, that when you use this tool, your image does not lose out on its quality—if anything, it becomes sharper and better.

Now that you know what it takes to become popular on IG, what’s stopping you from becoming famous?

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