The crisis of animators in Japanese animation Industry

Mar 13, 2019 1:00 PM ET

The Japanese animation industry is a big industry, and each year many animations are made by the Japanese animation industry. The animation produced in Japan has its class called anime which makes it different than other animation. The amount of anime produced each year will make you guess that industry is booming and lots of people are involved in the industry. However, that’s not the case because the anime industry is facing huge crises leading to the delay or even cancelation of many amines. The anime produced each year by the production houses are more than the current amount of animators could handle. Several factors have led to this situation, and many animations are delayed for more than a year due to the excess of anime being produced. The shortage of animators is killing the animation industry of Japan.

Reason for late production

The job satisfaction of an employer is directly dependent on the pay and facilities offer to the employer. The salary of anime artist is low in fact for a junior animator it is lower than the lowest legal wage of Japan. The low wage discourages most people from getting into the industry thus leading to a shortage of animation. Animes are made with a small budget, and the developers tend to save as much money as they can to get a quality output. Compared to the number of working hours that are put into the anime the wage offered is meager. The yearly salary offered is nearly ten thousand dollars which is extremely low compared to the living standards of Japan. Many animators called this pay as the money of survival rather than the salary. The situation is the same for the past 50 years, which is nearly the age of Japnese animation industry.

The problem and solution

Several reasons contribute to the low wage of animators in the industry. The most crucial fact is the distribution of anime because there is no proper distribution channel for the anime. Due to the lack of distribution channel anime around the world get less exposure compared to other mediums. The lack of exposure leads to less revenue which forces animation studios to make anime with less budget and this small budget ultimately pave the way for reduced wages. The revenue generated by anime directly impact the animation industry in Japan. The legal platforms that do offer coverage of anime do not contain all the animations produced which turn people away from these legal sources to illegal websites. The use of illegal websites further reduces the revenue, and it is pushing the animation industry of Japan into crises. At present anime, developers are focused on the domestic market. A large amount of revenue that could be generated from international media has been left untouched. Anime needs a proper distribution channel for the exposure which will not only improve industry but the wage of animators as well.

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