The decisive factors for choosing a bedspread

Feb 25, 2021 11:06 AM ET

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The double bedspread is an article that at the same time has its usefulness from the point of view of comfort and a more properly aesthetic aspect as it furnishes the bedroom with its colors and patterns.

By bedspread: we intend to speak only of double bedspreads in simple fabric, that is, without quilting and padding. Although the latter are often called bedspreads, it is more correct to treat them for what they are, that is light quilts.

When you need the copriletto matrimoniale

The copriletto matrimoniale is an item that can be used all year round. During the summer nights it is used above the sheet only, to protect the made bed from dust and, if necessary, to offer protection from the cool of the night where the weather requires it. sheet and blanket. On the other hand, it is not necessary when you opt for the duvet (and relative duvet cover) or for a quilt, which alone offer both warmth and color.

The material

Even if the coprilatto matrimoniale does not come into contact with the skin, it is still good to pay attention to the material that constitutes it, particularly if we have sensitive skin or skin and/or respiratory allergies.


A copriletto matrimoniale can be made of both natural fiber and synthetic material. Natural yarns mainly include cotton, but also linen, bamboo, and percentages of wool, while synthetic fabrics are all variations in polyester. Of course, there are also copriletto matrimoniale made of mixed fabrics, usual combinations of cotton and polyester in varying percentages.

From the point of view of allergies, especially those to dust, a synthetic fiber copriletto matrimoniale is more hygienic, especially if accompanied by a special certification that guarantees its anti-allergic properties. On the other hand, however, natural fibers guarantee better transpiration, favoring the natural regulation of body temperature and more effectively preventing night sweats.


Regardless of whether it is natural, synthetic or mixed fabrics, the processing of a copriletto can give it particular characteristics that we must take into consideration. The use of a thicker or thinner yarn can, for example, change the tactile sensation transmitted by the bedspread: rougher in the first case, smoother in the second. The greater or lesser refinement of the yarn also confers greater or lesser softness to the finished product.

Piquet double bedspread In general, different processes also give rise to different weights: there are more and less thick double bedspreads, therefore more or less warm and more or less demanding to transport to and from the washing machine.


Obviously, the appearance of the copriletto is very important for all of us, since it is also a real piece of furniture.

We should first of all pay attention to the size of the bedspread, as they are by no means standardized despite the fact that they are articles dedicated to double beds. The most common size is 260 x 260 cm, enough to cover the whole bed, pillows included, and to lick the floor. , both of the final results we want to obtain. In particular, if we plan to cover or leave the pillows uncovered, it will be better to pay attention to the length of the double bedspread.


The possibilities with regards to colors and patterns are obviously endless and we are not going to try to make a list that exhausts them all. We only recall the large existing “categories”:

Solid color: copriletto in a single color;

Printing: printing of various motifs, abstract or otherwise, is more common for synthetic fiber bedspreads;

Woven pattern: colored bedspreads obtained not in print, but with the weaving of yarns of different colors;

Doubleface: bedspread that can be used on both sides, mostly printed with different patterns or colors on both sides.

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