The direction of Artificial Intelligence at present and near future

Mar 6, 2019 2:15 PM ET

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is also known as AI is the intelligence given to the computer by humans. It is the combination of sophisticated computer codes and electronics. The more intelligence that an AI system has the more processing power will be required to execute these codes. The way advance AI is represented in Hollywood movies is not easy to achieve due to the limited processing power of the present time. Many controversies surround artificial Intelligence, and the most important of it is the effects on human labor. Automated work will take away the jobs of many people, but that future is far away due to the limited computing power of present-day computers. Despite all this, the near future functionalities and characteristics of AI are entirely predictable.

The present day Artificial Intelligence

There have been some advancements in the field of Artificial intelligence in the year 2018 these advancements have brought us a little closer to the predicted future. If and when artificial intelligence reaches the point of human replacement, then it might force nations around the world to resort to some new laws regarding human labor. The basic AI of the present time has enough caliber to handle some of the basic tasks that were processed manually in the past. The future of AI is not yet decided but it could either take a century or decades when AI could take full control of everyday life.

The year 2019

The year 2019 has shown that some of the leading enthusiast companies of AI are more focused on the results presented by AI rather than further developing the AI. Up until the year, 2019 different companies around the world were focusing on developing an AI that it was as advanced as the current technology and coding power allowed. Till the year 2018, AI developers were focusing on the intelligence system that could take over the present technology. This direction does not indicate that the development of AI will stop, but it will become market oriented. The functionalities that give an edge to companies, in the long run, will become the center focus of most AI developers.

Near future of Artificial Intelligence

In the year 2019, AI won’t be just about creating an AI that is advanced in functionality but the design as well. Smartphones are one of the essential parts of modern computing, and most of the AI developers are focusing on a system that is compatible with a smartphone. The computing power of a smartphone is limited due to its limited electrical energy as a small battery operates it. Developers are focusing on an AI system that requires less computing and electrical power while performing functionality. Another main focus of the year 2019 is creating an AI system that is more adaptable to the life of an average person. AI developers of the year 2019 are developing their system by keeping the general consumer in their minds.

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