The emerging threats in cybersecurity and their effects on the life of users

Mar 6, 2019 2:20 PM ET

The world is evolving, and with each evolution, a new threat rises. Cybersecurity is an essential part of this evolution as most of the present technology can be directly or indirectly linked to computers. The use of computers in most of the day to day activities has made the easy, but at the same time, the same use of computer has also resulted in some complication. These complication has made cybercrime as one of the major issues of the present time. The most concerning issue among them is the loss of credit and data through hacking. Every year new problems raised on the internet which also impacts the privacy of many people. 2019 is no exception, and there are some major issues with cybersecurity that could affect the lives of many people.

Voice controlled digital assists

The vice controlled digital assistants are becoming common in houses and offices. These voice control devices are connected to the internet which can be a threat to security. These assistants control some of the primary functions of a house. If these devices are controlled, then cybercriminals will be able to control these functions. This problem could be more devastating than any other issue. With such cybercrime, all of the data located in the device will become vulnerable significantly increasing the chances of hacking.

Cryptocurrency jacking of computers

Cryptocurrency has changed the way currency perceived. It is valuable currency, and hackers know that all too well so they use computers of other people to mine this currency. Mining the cryptocurrency requires lots of computing power which is not always available to hackers. This type of cybercrime effects the performance of a computer which can result in the loss of precious time and resources.

Semi-auto vehicles

Some amazing technological monuments have been achieved in the 21st century, and we are close to getting driverless cars than ever before. However, we are only close to driverless cars, but the era of connected vehicles is already here. A connected vehicle is a semi-automatic vehicle that sensors and helps the drivers during a ride. More cars are getting connected to the internet. With this internet connectivity comes the risks of cybersecurity. This connection of the internet will give hackers an opportunity to exploit these functions of vehicles for their interest.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing stores data on the internet and it contains the most sensitive type of data the exploitation of which can affect the lives of many people. Cloud security is becoming a severe problem with each day as more and more people turn to store data in the cloud storage services. People will be storing more data in the cloud security which will make the problem of data security even a bigger issue. Emails have sensitive data and if a cybercriminal access the email then it will significantly increase the chances of the data breach.

To combat these new problems both the consumers and manufacturers must keep cybercriminals in mind while using and manufacturing them respectively. The manufactures must regularly make updates for the system while customers need to keep themselves in sync with modern trends.

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