The Evolution of a Multi-Talented Actor from the Middle East

Dec 4, 2020 3:00 PM ET

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The transformation of Hasan Saqer Hasan from a school teacher to one of the most prolific actors in the Middle East is an exciting story. Hasan is a multiple award-winning actor and voiceover artist with a repertoire of over thirty movies, theater, and television productions. Some of his notable works include lead roles in award-winning films such as “Al-Jawhara,” “Al-Masoor,” and “A Dream.” Hasan Saqer plays a vital role in a cinematic program that airs on the Aljazeera channel and its social media networks. Beyond the Qatari shores, he has acted in various movies and media production projects in the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, and Britain.

Childhood and Education

Hasan Saqer spent his early childhood in the Kingdom of Bahrain, a sovereign nation located in the Persian Gulf. Bahrain is made up of tropical islands sandwiched between the Qatari Peninsula and the north-eastern coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hasan showed exceptional brilliance during his school days in Bahrain, earning a well-deserved university scholarship in 2006.  The youngster moved to Qatar, where he bagged a university degree and has lived in Qatar till the time of this writing -2020.

Given Hasan’s prolific acting talents, one could hardly believe he did not study theater arts in school. His acting skill is a natural endowment that he discovered by accident, thanks to a friend who invited him to participate in a theatrical show on campus. During the theater presentation, Hasan’s performance was exceptional and caught the director’s attention, who praised him for his talent. After this first stint in acting, Hasan fell in love with the art and has not looked back ever since.

Professional Life

After completing his university education, Hasan Saqer worked as a school teacher. However, his teaching profession did not stop him from advancing in his acting career. Hasan’s unique ability to handle acting roles flawlessly endeared him to film directors in Qatar and beyond. He is versatile and knows how to bring the director’s script to life, whether he is playing a taxi driver, a middle-class family man, or the king of an empire.  This talent makes Hasan a perfect fit for a wide array of movie production, from comedies to action films and everything in between. That is why he consistently bags lead roles in movies.

A significant breakthrough in the acting career of Hasan Saqer came during the audition of “The Dream.” His performance captivated Kuwaiti movie director Faisal Al Duwaisan who assigned the movie’s lead role to Hasan the next day! “The Dream” movie eventually became a success and won several accolades, including the Audience Award in Southampton, Britain, in 2014.

Hasan Saqer’s performance in the ” Al Jawhara ” movie is the epitome of acting at its best. He goes way beyond merely reciting scripts; his facial expressions and body language show his passion and flawlessly story narration. It’s not surprising that the movie won the Special Jury Prize at the 2016 Ajyal Film Festival in Qatar. Hasan Saqer is also the recipient of the 2013 Abu Dhabi Film Festival Award for Short Films, among many other accolades.

Venture into Voiceover

The events that led to Hasan’s voiceover practice was accidental, just like his acting career.  On a fateful day, Hasan Saqer guided some students to an institution for a voiceover assignment. As it turned out, the facilitator perceived Hasan’s rich microphone voice and requested that he partake in the project.  The results were fantastic. After that, Hasan started receiving invitations to take voiceover roles in various capacities such as commercials, documentary, and cartoon projects.  Over the years, Hasan Saqer has been privileged to handle voiceover assignments for global brands such as Walt Disney World, Ooredoo Telecoms, and Qapco Petroleum, just to mention a few.

Personal and Love Life

Hasan Saqer is not like most actors that are crazy to make the headlines for all sorts of reasons. He prefers to maintain a low profile, keeping his personal and love life from the public’s prying eyes. However, in 2020, Hasan tied the knot with Mrs. Al Aseery, his heartthrob. After the wedding, the two lovebirds took off to Los Angeles for their honeymoon. This was the same time that the year 2020 Golden Globe Awards took place in Los Angeles. In fact, many renowned Hollywood actors lodged in the same hotel as the honeymoon couples.  What a coincidence.  Is this an omen for Hasan Saqer’s acting career? Time will tell.

Mrs. Al Aseery and her husband hold the same passion for adventure and cinematic films. Her positive assertions and creative criticism inspire Hasan to be on top of his game and select appropriate cinematic roles. The young couple presently resides in Qatar.

What’s Next for Hasan Saqer?

Hasan’s adventurous nature makes him hunger for new challenges. Having played lead roles in movies and other media productions all over the Middle East and Britain, what’s next for this talented actor and voiceover artist from the Arab nation?

Hasan Saqer looks forward to taking cinematic movie roles in the British movie industry or Hollywood. The movie industries in the western nations are advanced, but Hasan has what it takes to become a successful Hollywood actor. Apparently, that is the next phase of evolution for this multi-talented actor and voiceover artist from the Middle East.

Given Hasan’s experience in acting and handling voiceover projects, it would not be long before his talents catch international directors’ attention. Perhaps, he is already on the radar of movie directors in Hollywood. After all, he has an excellent command of English and speaks Arabic flawlessly. So, he would be a perfect choice to play a wide array of movie roles.

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