The future of videography and entertainment is Virtual Reality

Mar 12, 2019 2:30 PM ET

Virtual reality

The TV was the first medium that brought the mainstream media to the homes and transformed the world forever. TVs also brought some other technologies to houses because these technologies were directly dependent on TVs such as VCR and Disc drives. TVs are still serving as the primary medium of entertainment for many people around the world. Then came the internet and took the world with storm changing the everyday life of people yet again. Internet too brought with it many other mediums of leisure time such as social networks and streaming services. Internet took the cell phone to another level by making it more than just a device for making and receiving calls. In recent time the most critical development in entertainment medium is Virtual Reality or commonly known as VR. This new technology is changing the way the audience interacts with media, and it is still developing.

Virtual reality and present

In the present time, it is the most intriguing technology offered in the modern medium. It is transforming medium, and even consumer-level VR cameras have also been introduced so that everyone can use this technology. The technology has the potential to change every industry by improving the remote work to a great extent. With the help of VR, professionals in all the industries will be able to work remotely with more precession because they will be able to experience the situation more realistically. Just like the internet VR now can revolutionize the entire stricter of society. At present, VR is only used for entertainment purpose, but even the entertainment purpose of this technology is not utilizing the full extent of VR due to the complexity of this system. However, the development of modern technology and more powerful computers will also make it easier for the VR content to be developed.

Virtual reality is becoming the future

Virtual reality is not only limited to the video industry. The gaming industry also utilizes this technology to make VR compatible games that offer a more realistic experience of in-game events. There are some games made with the specific consideration of VR customers in mind. The most recent of it is Ace Combat 7. Compared to the live action mediums VR games are more likely to develop faster than the live action medium. Video games are dependent on the animation so every aspect of it can be controlled while making a 360 environment. Games are already 360, and the only thing that makes turn it into a VR experience is its compatibility with VR technology. The seamless and complete mainstream video games are already in the market while not even a single mainstream VR movie have been released. The future of the video game industry can predictably be Virtual reality. On the other hand, there is no platform for mainstream VR movies and series. However, the way things are going we can say that the future of all the media is probably Virtual Reality

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