The integration of cryptocurrency with artificial intelligence will make life easier

Mar 12, 2019 2:35 PM ET

Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrency

Artificial intelligence is a type of intelligence that is shown by machine through constant learning from the everyday task handed to the system. Artificial intelligence is depended on a computer, and it is the result of complicated coding. On the other hand, cryptocurrency is the type of currency that has no physical and only exist in digital form. If both of these systems are combined, then it will make the transaction of currency easier as both are a software-based system. Cryptocurrency can make a machine to machine transaction much more comfortable as it is an open source system. The future might be the future of cryptocurrency with one currency to make the transaction easier. The world is heading towards machine to machine transaction, and cryptocurrency will be an integral part of this change. The AI controlled transaction system will require a system with minimum transaction fees, and cryptocurrency can provide that type of transaction.

Perks of Artificial Intelligence and Cryptocurrency Integration

When the internet came into existence, it changes the world as we know and now cryptocurrency seems to be the future of this change. Cryptocurrency offers a system that has little transaction cost and does not require the exchange of currency because it is universal. The universal nature of cryptocurrency eliminates lots of problems that traditional currency has such as the difference in exchange rate making it all the more acceptable. The combination of cryptocurrency with AI makes the transaction system more applicable as AI is devoid of any emotion which makes the transaction mistake free. AI is more appropriate when it comes to the use of blockchain as it can affect all sort of industries. The emotionless transaction will reduce the chance of corruption as a machine will not be tempted. Such integration will make the public money safer everywhere along with the proper distribution of money without mistake. The combination of AI into cryptocurrency will eliminate many barriers of present-day transaction and exchange.

The Future of Currency

Cryptocurrency is the future and will take over the traditional currency system eventually though its form might change. The dominance of currency is not a matter of if but rather when because it has already started happening. The predominance of such money raises the question of whether it is good for society or not? We know that it cannot stop the dominance of such technology because the world is heading towards the single currency. The need for a single currency is higher than ever before. The spread of such system does not mean that it will always give good results as many people will use the same system for other means as well. The surveillance and cynical use of such AI will become more prominent. Governments around the world will make systems while keeping surveillance in mind. The blockchain system and its integration with AI offer lots of advantages over the traditional system, but emotions will always be needed in specific scenarios.

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