The Khan Academy: Ugly? Good? Bad? Scam? Legit?

Nov 3, 2020 6:22 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 3, 20201:22 PM ET


Students are enjoying all the benefits provided by the Internet. We would not imagine having all humanity’s knowledge in our pockets – we would go to a library and go through books to find information. However, now we have the Internet and all the perks that come with it. Education has changed forever.

Test preparation and self-tutoring are very easily accessible, and students are using these services to the fullest. Khan Academy is one of the websites that provide test preparation services. Is this company ugly, good, or bad? Is it a scam, or is it legit? I’m going to provide you with some information about Khan Academy and answer these questions.

What is Khan Academy?

Let’s begin. You may find lots of information about this service online and decide whether is Khan Academy good or not, but we will give you our personal judgment as well. Khan Academy is an organization, a non-profit one, that was founded in 2008 by Salman Khan, an educator. Considering the very fact that this is a non-profit organization, everyone can use its services for free, which is why some students are raising questions we mentioned before.

Is it legit?

Most definitely, it is a legit website that provides materials that can be used in self-education and test preparation. Visiting its official website gives all the important information about the legal status of the organization. So, students should not worry too much about whether this is a real thing or some sort of scam. That’s out of the question, so you can rest assured.

We would like to highlight that standing true to its goal of providing students with free education, Khan Academy is actually a great service, especially considering what is currently going on with academic life around the country. After all, high school graduates are still unsure how their tests will go with all the quarantine situation.

Its founder personally stated that the global situation caused an impressive spike in online traffic of Khan Academy, meaning that millions of students are resorting to this resource because schools and traditional test preparation options became unavailable. This very fact is yet another proof of the fact that Khan Academy is legit and not a scam.

Is it good?

Now, this question is more interesting! Let’s begin with the format of the learning materials offered by this website. The majority of courses and information are presented in the form of YouTube videos, just like some websites are offering their information mainly through videos. This format might not be suitable for everything, definitely. So, this goes mostly to one’s personal preferences.

However, Khan Academy’s SAT preparation courses feature classic things like personalized study recommendations, quizzes, questions, and full-on exams! You can stay calm as despite being a free resource, its quality is quite impressive, and it is often compared to some of the best test prep websites. After all, the resources featured at Khan Academy website were developed in cooperation with the official College Board.

Although the service offers lots of different courses and other stuff, we would recommend combining it with additional resources and other online tools for students, just for reassurance. Non-profit organizations rely on donations and this is the only way of getting required finances, so you should keep that in mind. Proper financing means proper learning resources, but we cannot know for sure if Khan Academy is not going through rough times.


All-in-all, my research and analysis showed that Khan Academy is a legit and highly qualified organization when it comes to things such as remote education and test preparation. This is good news, especially considering the fact that all the resources featured there are completely free! However, when preparing for your SAT, consider looking for additional information, just to solidify your knowledge.