The Magic of A Mattress In A Box: 4 Reasons To Purchase Your Bed Online

Mar 8, 2021 8:27 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Mar 8, 2021  3:27 AM ET

When choosing a bed, the traditional way is to go to a store and lie down on different models, hoping that it’ll be the mattress for you. You don’t have to go to another store anymore. Although that is not always the case, sometimes you have to move from one store to another to find a mattress that best fits you and your sleeping style.

Mattresses in a box that has increased its sales over the past years. It is believed that it’s catching up to the traditional way of choosing a mattress. What is a bed in a box? A cushion in a box is a mattress that has been compressed by machines to fit in a box. It’ll be delivered right in the comfort of your home. Once the packaging and box are opened, the mattress decompresses and becomes like the mattress you see in local stores.

Of course, you spend a third of your life laying on your mattress; it should be long-lasting, comfortable, and supportive. Mattresses in a box can offer all this that’s placed in a box. If you are still on the fence, here are the top four reasons why you should buy your mattress online:

1.    It has a wide array of choices.

With a wide selection online, you can easily find the best mattress in a box. Not only that, sellers have enough options that can fit the different preferences and needs of a consumer. They make sure to give enough options that will not overwhelm the possible buyers.

For this reason, most companies that sell a bed in a box only offer a handful of models. To make a decision process easier for the buyer, they include details like a mattress’s firmness and what type of sleeper would suit the best.

All beds in a box mattress are compressed. As a consequence, all of the mattresses in a box are made of memory foam. They differ from the other features; some have copper-infused toppers or are made with cooling gel layers.

A copper topper helps regulate your body temperature. Some configure their layers to reach the utmost comfortability and support. At first, it may seem that a mattress in a box has limited options, but you have numerous features to experience when you get one.

2.    You can save money.

A bed in a box shines the most when it comes to its cost. Many sources offer competitive rates, regular discounts, and deals. Since you have lots of choices, you can easily find the perfect-priced mattress for your needs.

The reason why a mattress in a box is more affordable than those sold in furniture stores is Internet retailers don’t own a physical location. As a consequence, it allows manufacturers to reduce overhead costs. The way these mattresses are packed also plays a role in saving up for the seller. As the mattress is compressed, it reduces shipping costs by a lot.

3.    Ordering online is convenient.

When you are in a physical store, e.g., furniture store, mattress warehouse, you often have to enter the store, pick a mattress, and then schedule a delivery. The cost of delivery may or may not be included when you purchase your mattress. Transporting your bed and setting it up can be tricky, depending on where you live.

On the other hand, when you order online, you can research and go to a store while relaxing in your own home; you can even do this while lying down. Additionally, Internet retailers use compression technology to lower shipping costs, making it easy to carry. These boxes only weigh between 60 to 150 pounds, plus the shipping is free!

Additionally, some companies offer an option where workers deliver and set up your bed for you, this is called a white-glove delivery. You can have your mattress delivered for an added fee, and they will remove your old bed and set up the new one for you.

4.    The trials are risk-free.

Indeed, consumers have to test out a mattress before purchasing it. To solve this dilemma, most manufacturers implemented a “sleep trial.” These trials test out the mattress buyers bought for 75 to 101 nights, and some may even offer 365 nights. At any point within the trial period, if homeowners realize that the mattress doesn’t suit you; they can return it immediately for a full refund or for another model.

Coordinate with the company if the mattress does not suit you. They will come to your house and pick it up. An assurance like this enables buyers to not worry about purchasing these types of mattresses.


With online shopping becoming a trend nowadays, it’s not difficult to see why many people are opting for it. With purchasing mattresses, you can’t go wrong with getting one online. Above are some of the reasons why you should get a mattress online.