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Studies show being in nature and mindful calms your breathing and can bring on satisfying peace and tranquility from a racing mind. The busy man-made world melts away. Now, imagine having such blissful comfort of nature in your very own home as it adorns your property and yard, enriching your serenity – and even your property value. Exquisite right? Yes, the Italian Cypress tree is undoubtedly the one that gifts your home with such splendor.

The Stately Evergreen Italian Cypress

Italian Cypress is a world-renowned and impressively tall, low maintenance evergreen tree with dark green foliage that grows very slender to a height of 40 feet tall.  The Italian Cypress, also known as the Tuscan Cypress, is a moderately sized beautiful plant variation for landscaping which maintains a pleasant and well-groomed appearance with little to no pruning. A native to the eastern Mediterranean region, this upright and evergreen Italian Cypress tower adds an architectural touch to your property. If you have been uncertain about what type of tree you can grow on your soil for a while, you can put that worry behind you.

Italian Cypress, these graceful evergreen trees, define your landscape and property’s edge beautifully, and the tree makes an exquisite statement when planted along both sides of a driveway. Imagine your visitor’s experience driving to your front door! This hardy Italian Cypress tree requires low maintenance and enjoys full sun or partial shade. The Italian Cypress is all you need for a change! The gracious Italian Cypress evergreen plant will add a touch of curb appeal and aesthetics to your landscape.

⮚        Mature Height: 30-40 Feet

⮚        Mature Width: 3-4 Feet

⮚        Exposure: Full sun to partial shade

⮚        Soil Type: Well-drained soil.

⮚        Hardiness Zones: 7-10

Amazing Features of The Italian Cypress

There are several notable features to the magnificent Italian Cypress tree, such as:

Heat Resistant

The tall-growing Italian Cypress trees are exceptionally resistant to hot weather and tolerant of droughts. Due to the high level of water that the Italian Cypress tree retains in their trunk and foliage, they are resistant to heat and very drought tolerant. So, the Italian Cypress will thrive well and look magnificent all year round, whatever the weather!

Great Height

Most individuals purchase the magnificent Italian Cypress tree for its towering heights. The Italian Cypress is a spectacular architectural evergreen conifer that proudly shows off its tall towering height and year-round interest wherever you plant them. The Italian Cypress takes up a little amount of space, with the tree reaching only 3 to 5 feet in width when mature. When cared for appropriately, the Italian Cypress can grow at an astonishing rate at the height of 3 feet per year. Once mature, it reaches heights of an impressive spectacle of around 40 feet tall, adding incredible height to property and landscapes without taking up significant space.

Low Maintenance

The Italian Cypress is a magnificent tree that is known for an appearance that is clean and uniform which is pleasing to the eye in landscape; hence you will not have to spend time pruning the branches of the Italian Cypress tree! When the Italian Cypress gets to your desired height, simply prune the tree’s top to maintain that height.

Aesthetic and Curb Appeal

Aside from the fantastic growing features, you will be surprised at the premium aesthetic detail that the Italian Cypress tree can bring to your environment. You might assume that your space or environment looks perfect enough, but you should know that without the Italian Cypress, you are missing out on a significant decor that can give your property an indescribable experience. To feast your eyes alone on the Italian Cypress is in itself highly therapeutic because it is no ordinary tree; this is because the Italian Cypress unarguably exists to create a feeling that deeply connects you to the presence and awesomeness of nature. A feeling that wants to make you let go of unhealthy energy that might be stuck inside from the busy world we live in.

The Italian Cypress trees are amazing!

✔                 Fast-paced growth

✔                 Very stately hardy and evergreen conifer

✔                 Grows very slender to a height of 40 feet tall

✔                 Towering Tree with low upkeep

✔                 Beautiful Tree for Landscaping

✔                 Tolerant with any climate

✔                 Top choice among growers


Finally, the Italian Cypress is not just a tree, it is something more, something inexplicably good, and surely you want to know what that charm feels like in your landscape. You are just a simple click or tap away to give your landscape that sleek and professional feel by ordering this tree online and having it carefully delivered right to your front door for planting!