The misconception real-estate and guide to the beginners

Mar 6, 2019 2:25 PM ET


Real-estate can be quite a profitable business if you know the basic tricks to it. There are a limited amount of ways through which money can be made in the real-estate business. Many of you might already have been in contact with some of these. If you understand these tricks than it is quite easy to maximize your earning. There is a general misconception regarding the real-estate that a large amount of investment is required to start a successful real-estate business, but that’s not the case. There are other ways to invest in the real-estate business without a substantial investment. That being said there are three fundamental active ways to earn the profit in real-estate business, but the mode of investment is not limited to these three modes of profit. We will get you through all the basics of starting a real-estate company with little investment.

How to get started?

To understand how profit work in real-estate you first need to know three fundamental active ways of income. Surely there are some passive ways of earning the profit, but that is a little farfetched for the beginners to understand. The most profitable way of making the profit from real-estate is the increase in property value. The other two ways include leasing out property to the tenants and profit generated through the business that depends on the real-estate. These are the three direct ways of profit generation through the real-estate. 

Profit through real-estate

Increase in property value will ultimately increase the benefit of any purchased property. However, the rise in property value is directly tied to inflation. The rise in inflation at a slow rate each year so it will take a long time for a property to be profitable. Even with the slow pace of inflation, certain conditions can pave the way for an increased profit. For instance, when the inflation rate exceeds the debt rate than people will be looking to invest and that is the time when property can be sold at a higher price. Another basic type of income is generated through the rent. If you own property, then you can either lease or rent it to earn a profit. The third type of money is made through the investment in the property such as a car wash along a hotel or gas station will receive an extra amount of credits for you. You can also offer construction along with the selling of property which will double the income.

How to get credits?

There are a couple of ways that can help you in starting your real-estate without credits. The most reliable course of action is bringing in investors. You can also take a loan from the bank to start the business. You can use your fixed asset such as car and jewelry for the trade. A seller can facilitate you through lease making your work easier. You can also utilize peer to peer lending network to get money. These methods of lending and investing of credit can get you started on your real-estate business.

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