The most interesting tours across San Diego

Oct 18, 2020 5:39 PM ET

Oct 18, 2020 1:39 PM ET
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If you want to spend some time away from the rush hours of the city in the lap of nature and experience some thrill, excitement, and adventure. San Diego is in close proximity to some amazing destinations where you can go for a tour. In this article, we will come across the most interesting tours across San Diego.

The whale-watching tour

If you are thrilled by the name of the whale, then imagine how exciting it would be to go for a whale-watching tour and witness the gigantic animal from your eyes. The warm and safe environment of Baja California, Mexico, which is very near to San Diego. The blue whale migrates in May or June and the gray whale migrates from December until April and it peaks in mid- January. Many companies offer tours for whale watching. Most companies will take you to the tour where you can watch blue and gray whales, but you might also get to witness orcas, sperm whales, and humpback whales. You will get a very close view of the whales. Only a boat can help you witness the gigantic animal because they are far away in the ocean. It is a spellbound experience to watch these mammals in their natural habitat.

Legoland Museum California

If you want to take your kids out for a fun-filled weekend, you can go to Legoland Museum California. It is located in Carlsberg, which is a 30-minute drive from San Diego. Legoland hotel is located there, where visitors can stay, the rooms are themed-rooms. The Legoland Castle Hotel has a pool area where kids can engage themselves and enjoy interesting activities, it also has a courtyard specifically dedicated to the entertainment of visitors. The Sea aquarium in the Legoland Resorts enables you to watch sea creatures such as sharks, octopi, very closely and the Water park offers aquatic rides and activities. The Lego Chima Water Park offers more amazing and thrilling water rides and activities.

Other attractions of the park include NinjaGo Training Camp with ninja-themed rides, the Lego Star Wars Miniland, Knight’s Tournament, and much more.

Ensenada’s Seaport

Ensenada seaport is 100 miles away from San Diego. It is a seaside town that welcomes you for a fun-filled and awesome fun trip. You will find marine yachts taking shelter under the harbor at Ensenada Seaport. It is the second-largest cruise stop in Mexico and only commercial port in Baja California. You can enjoy various fun-filled activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, etc around the seaport. You can witness breathtaking ocean scenery at the Baja California Coastline that surrounds Ensenada. Other activities like golf, spa, etc are also offered here. Amazing restaurants with fine dining experience are also awaiting your presence. Either you can drive by yourself to Mexico to reach Ensenada Seaport or you can plan to take an organized tour to the seaport.

San Juan Capistrano

This is the place because of which my friend decided to relocate to San Diego. San Juan Capistrano is a 66-mile drive from San Diego. It is located north of San Diego. You can go there to witness the historic monuments as San Juan Capistrano is a historic landmark that has Mediterranean landscape- hills and palm trees, all drenched in the sun. Missionaries of Spain discovered this in 1776. You will get to witness Spanish architecture consisting of adobe churches, red-tiled roofs, and much more. San Juan Capistrano is the oldest building in California founded in the year 1777. A museum is also located here that offers educational tours, historical reenactments, and audio tours. There is a lot to witness and experience here. This place takes you back in history. Many parts of the San Juan Capistrano have been ruined, but its beauty attracts the attention of a large number of visitors every year. Los Rios District town here is worth exploring, this is an old town of San Juan Capistrano.

Beaches of La Jolla

La Jolla is 22 miles away from San Diego. It has pleasant weather. And it is an apt destination for weekends and visitors come here for sunbathing and sun strolling along the coastline. It has breathtaking and spellbound ocean scenery and beautiful beaches where you can spend your leisure time. Windansea Beach at La Jolla is famous for its beautiful sunsets, the newlywed couples come here for a wedding photoshoot, and it has amazing and beautiful scenery of the beach, people come here for surfing as well because this beach is also popular for powerful sea waves. If you want to come to La Jolla with children, then La Jolla Children’s Park is perfect for children. It has a protected sea waled cove especially for children and it is completely safe for them. Want to go swimming, snorkeling, and diving, La Jolla Cove is the right destination for you, where you can enjoy fun-filled and adventurous water sports. But wait, are a beginner in surfing, then you must go to La Jolla Shores, this is a sandy beach with gentle and mild waves. You can go to Prospect Street, Pearl Street, La Jolla Boulevard, they are located in downtown La Jolla and have amazing restaurants, cafes, and shops. Are you interested in antique pieces? then do visit Girard Avenue. The Museum of Art is another destination for art lovers. Murals of La Jolla, where you will find walls painted in murals, is also a place worth exploring.

These were some of the most amazing destinations for a fun-filled and interesting tour across San Diego. You go visit these places along with your family and friends. Several places have a special arrangement for kids that offer recreational activities that are engaging as well as teach something new to the children. These places will refresh you and you can start your week with a fresh and enthusiastic vibe. I think that after reading this article, you must have understood that San Diego is very beautiful, maybe it is the right time to relocate to San Diego.