The most powerful graphics card available in the market

Mar 21, 2019 1:40 PM ET

There are only two GPU chip manufacturers in the world Nvidia and AMD. These two companies are always in heated competition with each other and introduce new chips every year to power the new generation of Graphic cards. The chips that they introduce each year are much powerful than the previous generation chips. AMD has partnered with Sony and Microsoft to provide hardware support for their console. Most recently AMD partnered with Google to provide graphical support and computing power to their game streaming service Stadia. While Nvidia has focused on providing graphical power to the computer. AMD and Nvidia have also been keeping a constant hold on providing graphical support for the computers. The introduction of Nvidia Titan Z might serve as a game changer in the field of Graphics because it offers the graphical power unrivaled by any other graphics card. 

The most powerful graphics card

Nvidia Titan Z is the most powerful graphics card of all time with the highest price tag in the industry. Titan Z can run even the most demanding games on 4k at the highest setting possible. The power of it is not limited to the graphical power, but the frame rate that it offers is also high. The advantages that it provides makes it the most popular graphics card for both the designers and users. According to the Nvidia, it is the fastest and most powerful card that they have ever built and is consider their icon for graphical power. Titan Z is also their most expensive card, and it’s their flagship product.

Specs of Nvidia GTX Titan Z

Titan Z has 576 CUDA cores with the base clock speed of 705 MHz base clock that can be boosted to 876 MHz making it even more powerful. Titan Z also has a texture fill rate of 338 Giga texels per second which increases the refresh rate that ultimately impacts the frame rate. The memory of the graphics card is also astonishingly high. The card has a memory clock of 7.0 Gb per second with the standard memory configuration of 12Gb making the performance of games all the smoother at 4k resolution. The memory interface of width is 768 Gb with a bandwidth of 672 Gb per second. The maximum resolution of the card is 4096×2160 making its resolutions higher than standard 4k. The power requirements of this card are also higher, and you would need at least 700W power supply with two Eight pin connectors. The graphics card also supports up to four displays.

The ultimate machine

According to Nvidia the specs of this card is so high that it can be used in the most powerful gaming rigs on the planet. The card is powerful enough that it can help you run the most graphic demanding games on 4k resolution even on multiple monitors. There will be no performance loss while running the games on multiple monitors at 4k resolution. The GPU would also require a powerful CPU to keep up with the graphics. If you want to build an ultimate gaming machine with extreme performance that outshines all other than Nvidia GTX Titan Z is the Graphics card for you.

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