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Dec 13, 2020 6:00 PM ET

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What is The Photo Stick?

Technology and innovations have helped us to learn, communicate, stay connected. The world is now available at the tip of our fingers. Everything seems to be a click away. Our lives took a digital turn drastically over the last decade, where we heavily rely on our smartphones and gadgets for anything and everything.  And as a result, we end up saving our valuable data on our smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

With a huge amount of data piling up in our gadgets, we often find it difficult to safeguard them. With storage space running out, you might end up deleting some of your valuable data, to accommodate new ones. With online services such as Cloud, there are chances of security breaches. During moments like these, we tend to think of having a back-up solution that is quick and convenient. What could be a good alternative to these problems?  Thanks to advancements in technology, we now have a safe and convenient option to safeguard our photos and videos. It is The PhotoStick. The revolutionary device to protect your important files. As the name suggests, it’s a compact and lightweight flash drive that once connected to your PC or phone, will automatically scan for media files and take back up with just a click! It scans the files, detects duplicates, eliminates them, sorts the files chronologically and stores all your valuable data securely, all in a click.

You might now think, how is the PhotoStick different from the normal USB pen drive? How is it different from those external hard disk and storage devices that are available in the market? Do you need PhotoStick?  Why do you need a PhotoStick? What are the salient features of this product? What are the benefits of the PhotoStick? How does it work? To know more, read our PhotoStick review below.

Why do you need The  Photo Stick?

With smartphones and smart gadgets in hand, we all have managed to click numerous photos, selfies, group pics, photography adventures and, whatnot. We all love to capture those precious moments with our loved ones, create memories, and safeguard them to cherish them.

It is said that an average person takes about 3650 photos on their phone each year! Got a raised eyebrow? Take a short visit to your phone’s gallery. Check the amount of storage space your photos and videos have taken up? More than 80% of your phone’s storage space is taken up by the media files. Most of our smartphones, especially the iPhone don’t have expandable memory. For android phones, they have an option to upgrade the storage by replacing the SD card. Or you need to rely on cloud storage, which is a paid service on a monthly basis and of course, you need an internet connection to take a backup.

Creating memories is easy. But how to safeguard them is a question we all face at some point of time. It’s a tedious task! The whole process of manually sorting, taking back-up, and safeguarding them is a herculean task, when you run short of storage space or when the storage device crashes, and you end up paying deftly for storage.

Even if you manage to sort it and save it in your storage devices, an unfortunate incident like spilling water on your PC or smartphone or if your gadget takes a blow or hit, damages the device, rendering it inactive. And any technical glitch, like online hacking or virus malware infection, would end up wiping off all the valuable data.

To keep your worries at bay, we have this ground-breaking innovative device called The PhotoStick.  Take your photo and video backup instantly with just a click. Yes, you read it right!  With just one click you can now copy, sort, and safeguard your precious moments.  With the PhotoStick in hand, taking photos, and video backup is as easy as clicking the pictures. Plug the PhotoStick in your phone or laptop and hit ‘Go’. The PhotoStick safe-keeps your memories automatically forever.


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How to use the PhotoStick? – an easy guide

Like its appearance, the PhotoStick is more like the pen drive, which we use daily at work. And How to use it? It operates just like a pen drive! It is easy to use, as easy as counting 1,2,3…

Follow the steps below if you are using the PhotoStick for your PC-

1. Locate the free USB port on your PC.
2. Plug the PhotoStick into the USB port.
3. Wait for your PC to identify the device, just like how you use the USB  flash drive.
4. A window pops up with options for File backup, files to restore, files to view, etc.
5. Click on the green ‘GO’ button to run the device.
6. The built-in app in the PhotoStick will transfer the files from the PC onto the PhotoStick. Now you have the backup of your files in the PhotoStick!

Yes, it is that easy to take backup on your PhotoStick. It automatically scans your computer to find all those files with video or image extensions and formats and copies those files to create the backup. It typically takes around 60 seconds to finish scanning. The added advantage of this device is that it removes the duplicate files. You don’t need to manually search and sort the already copied files.

If you need to transfer the files from your phone, then follow the step-by-step guide in the video here.

Pros of PhotoStick

1.  Compact, lightweight, and wire-free– The compact and lightweight design make the best PhotoStick a handy and portable storage device. Easy to carry while at work or while traveling, without a cable or bulky pouches.

2.  Instant back up– Once you plug-in the PhotoStick, it hardly takes a few seconds to scan, detect the files that need copying and eliminating the duplicate files, and creating the back-up categorically.

3.  Perfect Money-saver– Unlike the monthly charges for cloud storage, the PhotoStick doesn’t act hard on your pockets. With a one-time investment, you get ample storage facilities. There aren’t any recurring charges based on the usage.

4.  No Software installation– There is no hassle of installing or running any program to make the device work. You just plug in and let the device do its job.

5.  Ease of use– The device is designed in a user-friendly pattern. Anyone can start using it without any technical-know-how. It is easy to use even for not-so-tech-savvy individuals.

6.  No duplication– PhotoStick scans for files that are already copied and prevents duplication of files automatically, while creating the back up.

7.  No Internet connection required– Since the storage device isn’t dependent on the internet, you can take back up of your gadget, anytime, anywhere.

8.  Single device for multiple gadgets– The PhotoStick comes with dual ends. It has the usual USB and the mini-USB or USB 3 ports. So you can take the back up from your smartphone and then view them on your tablet or PC instantly with utmost convenience.

9.  Compatibility– The PhotoStick is compatible with Android and iOS. It supports a wide array of media file formats and extensions.

10.  30-days warranty- The Photo Stick storage device comes with a 30-days warranty. Some sellers provide a money-back guarantee as well. If you aren’t happy with the product you have an option to return it with a refund. So no financial loss.


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Cons of PhotoStick

1. No Instruction manual- Unlike usual gadgets, this storage device doesn’t come with a manual or a user guide or instructions to follow. This might put the non-tech-savvy peers at a disadvantage initially.

2. Limited stock– Chances of getting the product quickly upon placing the order might be a concern, as the product goes out of stock quickly. You might end up with limited options due to the high demand.

3. Renaming of automated categorization- Folders that are created automatically by the PhotoStick cannot be renamed or sorted. If you need customized folder names in chronological order or alphabetically, you can add the folders in your choice of name before transferring the pictures.

Customer feedback and reviews

Who better can testify to the product, than the user. Real-life testimonies are trustworthy for any product. Let us see the PhotoStick review from the users.

1. Tracey D

Easy to use and good prices

Very happy so far as I ordered three and I had no trouble using them… and I am not usually good at the technology stuff. They included instructions that a child could follow.

2. Sharon Monet, 19

At first, I didn’t think much of it. I  have a USB for my iPhone and I thought I’d still have to transfer all the files myself. But once I pressed the “Back Up” button from the app, it started working without me even doing anything. I was super shocked at first because I didn’t expect it. Then I probably thought I’d still have to go through them to organize it. But when I opened it up on my computer, everything was categorized into folders already! I didn’t have to do anything at all. And I even noticed that it didn’t store any duplicates. Which is pretty cool.

3. Katrina Avenido, 33

When I was recommended this, I really needed it because I like making vlogs. I don’t like using cameras because it’s just another thing that I’d have to carry. But then, I edit with my laptop which I don’t bring along. So, I needed a way to save my stuff on the go so that I can easily transfer it to my computer later on. PhotoStick mobile is a huge life-changer for me because it did all of that for me. Now, I vlog as much as I want without having to worry about filling up my space!

4. Paralegal Dave

4.0 out of 5 stars. It’s almost too easy to search and save all your image files so you can have peace of mind that memories will not be lost.

5. Cyril B. Reshetiloff

5.0 out of 5 stars Independent Storage

I had a grand total of about 60,000 images, with many duplicates. This little “stick” managed to eliminate the duplicates so that I now have about 24,00 originals preserved forever in a fire-proof vault, a cost-free and independent method of safekeeping.

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Who Needs The Photo Stick?

This thumb-sized device is a convenient storage device that can be used by anyone. PhotoStick is an extremely user friendly device when compared to other digital counterparts. For those who are finding trouble with taking backup on laptops, iPads and other external hard disks, this is a perfect solution. You just need to plug in the PhotoStick to your choice of device, access and manage your photos and videos in matter of seconds. It is truly a life-saver for those who is always on-the-go or who is constantly traveling and need to carry their files with them. Since it’s light and compact, you can take it anywhere, everywhere. No need to carry multiple and bulky devices, when you can store and save all in one single device.


The Benefits of PhotoStick

1. Back-Up Function – The prime benefit of PhotoStick is its ability to do the tedious work of taking back up automatically. You can stack up all your important documents with much ease in one single device.

2. Protecting Memories Automatically – Digital devices are prone to technical glitches, or viral threats. PhotoStick automatically scans for files and safe-keeps your precious memories from virus, hackers, or any physical damage to the system.

3. Sorting and categorizing- The Photo Stick has this unique capability of sorting pictures by Name, Size, and Location, which otherwise should be done manually. It checks, detects and eliminates any duplication to provide a perfectly organized back-up.

4. Free of Cost – It is a great backup tool without regular monthly costs. It requires no additional software and no other hardware. It does the sorting out function also.

5. Increased Productivity – Time is a priority is today’s fast-paced world. A  time-saving device is a sought after choice for anyone in today’s scenario. This device saves a lot of time that is usually spent on sorting and organizing files manually. This tool can be used to serve all these functions with just a click. You can carry all your important data with advantage of having accessibility from anywhere around the world.

6. Improved Security – The pain of losing loving memories contained in photos and videos is intense. Especially if it involves breaching your privacy This can be avoided by using this device to sort and store all your cherished media files in it.

7. No need for Internet– To transfer, sort, and save the data, the PhotoStick doesn’t need the internet, unlike the cloud. Backup photos anytime you want, anywhere with the utmost ease. Ease of accessibility comes with a greater convenience with The PhotoStick.

8. Compatible with Devices and Common Media Formats – It is compatible with iPhone, Android, and PC. It supports a wide range of media formats, making it much convenient to use.


The PhotoStick Mobile – the top-notch solution for mobile back-up

The PhotoStick Mobile is a nifty storage device for taking backup of your videos and photos from your mobile phone. It is one of the innovative gadgets of this generation that provides a hassle-free solution for efficient data storage. It works for both iOS and Android devices. Even though it is hardly the size of a thumb, it works very fast. Just plug it in and you are good to take a backup. It can also organize your files effectively and can hold up to 60,000 photos and videos.

Salient features of the PhotoStick mobile you would love 

Is your phone running out of space more often? Never miss a chance to create memories due to space constraints. Easily backup photos and videos and free up the storage space in your iPhone/ iPad and Android devices with The PhotoStick Mobile.

Convenient – The little thumb drive is a one-click solution to sort and save all your photos. The convenience of taking it to places when you travel without much hassle is a key highlight. It just needs a little space in your pocket.

Privacy – Your photos and other files will be safe from online hackers and hence privacy of your data is guaranteed.

Low cost – The PhotoStick comes in a price range less than that of the USB flash drive. Once you make the purchase, there aren’t any monthly or recurring costs for the device based on its usage.

Easy-to-use – It is a nifty, handy tool that just needs to be plugged into the device from which you need to retrieve the data. You don’t need to be a technical geek to operate the PhotoStick Mobile.


How to use PhotoStick Mobile?

1. Download the free PhotoStick app from the Appstore (PhotoStick for iPhone)  and Play store (PhotoStick for Android).
2. Plug in the smaller end, Type C or micro USB part, of the PhotoStick to your smartphone’s charging port.
3. Launch the app. On the main screen, press the ‘ Back up’ option
4. Wait for a few seconds to transfer the file.

Hooray! You are done. You can now disconnect it from the smartphone.

Since this doesn’t require the internet to do the transfer, you can easily transfer and view your files, anytime, anywhere. With the USB end, you can connect to your PC instantly for a better viewing experience.

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Which all files are supported by the PhotoStick?

The PhotoStick supports a wide array of file types, including both photographs and videography. It supports media files in the following formats-

  •       MOV
  •       JPEG
  •       PNG.
  •       GIF
  •       MPEG 4
  •       BMP
  •       TIF
  •       AVI formats, etc.

The Photo Stick is compatible with old and new PCs running on Windows operating systems. This works on both Windows XP, Vista and 7 series, and new Windows 8 and 10 versions. It is compatible with iOS versions as well.

How much is the rate for PhotoStick?

Like the regular flash drive, the PhotoStick comes in different storage capacities for iOS and Android devices. Likewise, the pricing varies with the storage size.

Listed below are the product range with prices-

The PhotoStick 128 GB  for PC and Mac– $79.99 (originally $159.99)

The PhotoStick 256 GB for PC and Mac- $ 114.99 (originally $229.98)

The PhotoStick Mobile 2.0 for iPhone and iPad (32 GB)- $79.99 (originally $139.99)

The PhotoStick Mobile 2.0 for iPhone and iPad (64 GB)- $99.97 (originally $199.99)

The PhotoStick Mobile 2.0 for iPhone and iPad (128 GB)- $119.99 (originally $249.99)

The PhotoStick Mobile 32 GB for Android- $49.99 (originally $139.99)

The PhotoStick Mobile 64 GB for Android- $79.97(originally $199.99)

The PhotoStick Mobile 128 GB for Android- $99.97 (originally $249.99)

There are offers provided by the company if you purchase from their online site. You would need to check which type suits best your needs and select the ones that suit you the best and are compatible with your gadgets. The company strives for client satisfaction.  If you do not like the product or is not finding it easy to use, or if you feel that the product doesn’t meet your standards, the company provides a refund on request.

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The Final Verdict

The process of safeguarding all those cherished memories and beautiful moments had been a tedious task all this while. Certain inevitable situations like a hardware failure, physical damage to the system, a virus attack, or a memory failure due to some malware issue will cause you to experience a loss of data which can be frustrating.

The thumb-sized gadget, the PhotoStick, has now revolutionized the whole process of sorting and optimizing the media files, putting our concerns at bay. This PhotoStick review has justified how helpful and innovative this little gadget is, in our day-to-day life. It offers a one-click solution that helps to organize the data swiftly and securely. The key highlight is its ability to organize the files, unlike the regular USB flash drive where it has to be done manually, which is time and energy-consuming. Also, this doesn’t depend on internet service to transfer and sort photos and videos. Hence it highlights the added advantage of being a portable device, that is compact and lightweight as well.   It is also great that it comes with two ends: one for your phone and one for the computer. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting wires and adaptors for transferring it to the PC  at any time convenient. When you are purchasing the PhotoStick make sure that you pick the right model, which is ideal and compatible for your devices in-hand.

For taking back-ups of the files in your smartphones,  then ThePhotoStick Mobile is the best backup device available. The PhotoStick Mobile searches the entire phone to ensure no picture or video is ever missed or repeated and it does this 100% automatically. ThePhotoStick Mobile transfers your files to a secure location, protects your images from a power surge, saves your time, and reduces the effort of categorizing and eliminating duplication. It doesn’t require a password and eliminates the vulnerability of cloud storage.

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1. Do I need to install any software?

The PhotoStick comes with inbuilt software for PCs. So you don’t need to install any software to run it. For PhotoStick mobile, you need to download the free PhotoStick app from the Play Store or the app store on your smartphone.

2. Can I use multiple devices that have several videos and photos?

Absolutely! The most impressive feature of this remarkable product is that you need only a single device to store a plethora of memorable pictures from varied devices. To make things easier, the PhotoStick systematically divides and organizes these pictures in varied folders so that you can access them with ease. The conventional storage drives don’t often offer such features until and unless you spend hefty amounts of money to buy sophisticated additional hard drives. Here is where the PhotoStick comes in handy

3. Can I use this product with Mac?

Yes, of course. The PhotoStick is compatible with Mac. It is designed to be compatible with various iOS platforms with much ease.

4. From where can I purchase The PhotoStick?

Photostick is available to purchase online directly from the  PhotoStick site It is also available on for purchase.

5. How much storage will I get from my  PhotoStick?

  • The Photo Stick 32GB can hold as many as 5,000-10,000 media files of average size and provides accurately  32GB of storage as well.
  •  The PhotoStick 64GB model provides a storage space of 64 GB ideally for 30,000 files of average size. High quality and high- resolution files tend to take more space.
  • ThePhoto stick 128GB provides you with storage for up to 60,000 photos