The Private vs. Public Hospitals Dilemma – SOLVED! Here’s Why Private Hospitals Are Ideal

Nov 27, 2020 7:29 AM ET

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Like domestic patients, medical tourists also go through uncertainties about whether to be admitted to a private hospital or a public hospital. There might be a few similarities in a handful of services provided by both hospitals, some key differences set them apart.

Public hospitals are larger than private hospitals and due to this private hospitals can offer more personal care. 

Public hospitals are always funded by the government and are unable to turn away patients. Private hospitals have the liberty to refuse treatment but by law should treat an emergency case, and only then, the patient can be sent to a public hospital. Let’s try to answer some questions regarding the same. We bet by the end of this article, you will have a better idea about why private hospitals are the ideal option for you…

Why choose treatment at a private hospital?

Despite the benefits that are available in private health care, not all patients can afford private insurance or fees for treatment at a private hospital. If a patient requires immediate treatment and has a suspected serious illness then it can be disastrous. Private hospitals offer an excellent doctor-to-patient ratio as perhaps is never short of doctors. 

Also, there is usually a larger number of attentive staff per patient in private hospitals as compared to public hospitals.

A private hospital enables the patient to select their preferred choice of surgeon. It is a big advantage since no one wants to risk his or her life and avoid the risk of the slightest negligence in treatment. 

In public hospitals, your life is left in the hands of a surgeon who is chosen as per the hospital shift schedule. 

Choosing the right hospital and reputed doctors are important factors to consider that influence a patient’s treatment. The choice for many patients is choosing private care is reflected in the following:

There are numerous reasons for choosing private care and treatment at private hospitals in NYC, the main reasons include:

1. No waiting list or delay for treatment

The biggest perk of private hospitals is that they do not have long waiting lists. It is known that in public hospitals, they will make you wait a year for a knee replacement or even for a simple spinal surgery

Large public hospitals often have emergencies or occurrences of strikes that may result in a delay of your surgery until further notice ranging from days to weeks. Moreover, there are no strikes of doctors and nurses due to any reason whatsoever. So with private hospitals, you’re in safer hands.

2. Innovative diagnostic imaging institute

Private hospitals in New York apply the latest medical technologies, consistently investing in top of the range of medical equipment and paraphernalia across all hospital departments and within a single location. There is no need for a patient to travel to another site for diagnosis or treatment. 

The immediate availability of all the above-mentioned medical innovations in a public hospital is not present. Many patients also require separate check-ups, which take a lot of time. Furthermore, public hospitals may have tight budgets in terms of medical equipment purchases, and you may not have access to the latest medical technology.

3. VIP service

The unique service at private hospitals includes a personal Case Manager responsible for the coordination of the diagnostics, consultations with the physicians, and all aspects concerning the patient’s comfort in the hospital. It is an incredibly convenient service that is unavailable within a public hospital.

NYC Hospitals have VIP rooms that feel more like a hotel, including the menu choices. The use of private hospitals has higher standards of cleanliness and hospitality too. That’s always comforting, isn’t it?


The jury is naturally in favor of Private Hospitals being the flag bearers of medication and sophistication for any country. But in the end, it all boils down to affordability and the nature of medical treatment that you seek. Hope this helped.