The Queen Reportedly Told Prince Harry He’ll Always Be “Welcome Back”

Mar 4, 2020 6:40 PM ET

But she’s still “very upset about him and Meghan leaving and she would love to see more of Archie.”


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The Queen and Prince Harry reportedly sat down for a four-hour heart-to-heart.
The Queen told Harry he’d always be welcomed back following his royal exit.

The royal family have been a dramatic mess lately, let’s face it, but it looks like there’s a positive update from the Palace. Apparently, Prince Harry and the Queen sat down for an emotional four-freaking-hour chat about everything that’s been going on (by which I mean, Meghan and Harry stepping down from royal duties), and it looks like they resolved some of their issues.

Harry reportedly showed up for lunch on Sunday for a heart-to-heart, during which the Queen said he’d be welcome back into the fold if he ever changed his mind about the whole leaving thing. According to The Sun’s Dan Wootton, the Queen ended the chat saying, “You are much loved and will always be welcomed back,” and a source says that “hopefully it cleared the air.”

“The Queen had a lot to talk to Harry about and this was the ideal time for them to both say their piece,” the source continued. “When Harry and Meghan announced they wanted to quit it all happened very quickly and it was very stressful for all concerned. Sunday was the first time the Queen has had the chance to talk to Harry on his own and really find out what his plans are. It was a much more relaxed environment and they were both able to speak their mind.”

That said, the source says the Queen is still “very upset about him and Meghan leaving and she would love to see more of Archie, as would Prince Charles and the rest of the family. But she accepts at the moment that his mind is made up and he intends to live in North America.”

That said, apparently she also “wanted to make it clear that the arrangement can only work if they do not exploit their royal status and try to ‘cash in’—that’s why she wouldn’t let them use the word ‘royal’ for their foundation. The Queen is protecting the institution and she is also aware of the cost of security. That is something that still needs to be resolved. But Harry is also a much-loved grandson who she has always doted on. She made it very clear to him that he and Meghan are always able to come back if they change their minds and she will welcome them with open arms.”

Sounds like this situation is kinda working out? Like…tentative yay?

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