The race of foldable phones

Mar 7, 2019 2:41 PM ET

Foldable phones

The race of foldable phones has already begun, and different phone manufacturer around the world are joining the race. All the major manufacturers have shown their foldable phones that are set to release in the year 2019. A Chinese mobile phone manufacturer named Royole has already taken a step in the race by releasing their foldable mobile phone called FlexPai. The year 2018 saw the release of notch less mobile phones and each company was trying to release a phone with little to no notch. However, now all of the focus has been shifted to the foldable mobile phones, and all the major manufacturer are trying to make an impressive foldable phone that is unrivaled.

The Race

Two major competitors in this race of foldable cell phone are Samsung and Huawei. Samsung has always been teasing people with the mention of a foldable mobile phone. Now they are finally bringing it to the market with a significant advantage over the Huawei, and that advantage is the release date. Samsung will be releasing their foldable phone named Galaxy Fold a two months before the Huawei’s foldable phone known as Mate X. Compared to the Galaxy Fold first impression of Mate X is quite impressive. However, if the protection of the screen is taken into consideration, then the display of Galaxy Fold is much more protected because it folds internally. On the other hand, the display of Mate X wraps externally which make it less protective compared to the Galaxy Fold.

Major compotators

Other specs of both the phones are comparably equal in power but when it comes to battery Huawei has the bigger one. Galaxy Fold has three displays while Mate X has two. The biggest competitor of these two manufactures Apple has not shown their version, and even an announcement is not made. It might be that Apple will go without a foldable phone this year, but they can also surprise the users with something unique. In the foldable phone market, the users are focused on the cell phones of Huawei and Samsung.

Foldable phones now and future

Other mobile phone companies have also joined the race by announcing their foldable phones such as Motorola, Xiaomi, LG and Oppo. Each of the company is trying to take a different approach towards the manufacturing of foldable cellphone. However, their goal of getting ahead in the race remain the same. When we look at the previous history of Xiaomi, then it can be concluded that they will try to release a foldable phone that is cheaper. Xiaomi might release a foldable mobile phone such as foldable flagship killer given their history with the Pocophone. Even some new companies such as TCL has joined the race of foldable display. TCL has a long history with displays as they are major LCD manufacturer and the phone that they have shown is quite impressive. It won’t be long before the foldable phone becomes as common as smartphones.

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