The Right Way to Get Most Out of Press Releases

Dec 14, 2020 3:19 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Dec 14, 2020  10:19 AM ET

A press release is, without a doubt, a great tactic to increase brand awareness. However, it can do a lot more than just that if you know what you are doing. It’s basically supposed to be a piece of news that you send to different online news sites that may or may not publish it. Many businesses use the help of a blogger outreach company to get quality press releases published on time. You can click here for more information about how this service can help you.

The goal is to get people to read your brand name and show its presence to search engines. This can improve the online authority and ranking in search engines. Here is what you should do if you want to get better results from your press releases.

It Should be Newsworthy

A press release is supposed to be news and it should be newsworthy. It’s some information about your business that your prospects might be interested to know. However, it can instead irritate many people if the press release no substance or news. For example, if you have changed the furniture in your office or hire some new salespeople, there is no need to make a press release out of it.

On the other hand, if you have opened a new branch or hired someone popular to work with you, then you should definitely let the world know about it through press releases. News sites are also more likely to accept it when you have real news to offer.

Conduct Proper Blogger Outreach

Many digital marketers send out their press releases to every news they stumble upon. You should widen your search and make it a little smarter. Almost every website now has a blog or news section that won’t mind accepting press releases. You should look for sites that are visited by your target audience. A site that is entirely different from your business and its audience has no interest in your work whatsoever, then you are only wasting time with them.

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There is no denying that just this search and reaching out to those websites is a hectic and time-consuming task. On top of that, you will also have to make deals with webmasters so they will agree to publish your release. It wouldn’t be a big problem if you were just publishing it on one website. However, most businesses have to publish press releases on dozens of sites within one month.

This is why you should take the help of a popular blogger outreach service like Globex that can do this job for you and better than you. They will find sites and make deals with them on your behalf and save you a lot of money.

Write a Unique Release for Each Publisher

Normally, businesses write one press release and send it to all news sites. Some of them publish it and many of them are reluctant. It would have been different if you were publishing it in a newspaper as there is no issue of plagiarism and website ranking on them. However, online sites don’t want to publish duplicate content because it can hurt their online credibility and authority.

They won’t mind publishing your press release if you write them a unique piece of content. It will take extra time and cost you more, but the benefits are worth it. First of all, better and more authoritative sites will agree to publish your press release. Second, the backlink you will get from a unique article to your website will also increase its online authority and ranking. Basically, you will get all the benefits of guest posting in addition to the benefits of a press release.

Use them for Do-Follow Links

Since you are publishing press releases on so many websites, why not use them to give a backlink to your website. If you are aware of basic digital marketing, you would know that backlinks are crucial if you are trying to improve website ranking in search engines like Google. These backlinks are also measured according to their quality.

If you have good websites linking to you in a good and unique piece of content, it will be considered a more credible vote. You can get Do-Follow backlinks from each press release if you can provide publishers with a unique and valuable article, which will significantly improve the SEO of your website.

Keep it Interesting and Concise

Press releases are already boring enough. People might like news, but most of them have no interest in reading what your business is up to these days. They might read your press release with interest if they are your competitors or trying to partner with you.

If you want to attract your potential customers through a press release, then you must make its content interesting and engaging for the general public. Write attractive headlines and concise content with only related information.