The Top Smartest Dog Breeds

Aug 29, 2019 8:20 AM ET

There are a plethora of of smart breed dogs, while some of them are more popular, some are just common. In general, a breed dog that is a service dog is knowledgeable. Over the course of this piece, we’d learn about the top smartest dog breeds out there. Let’s get started.

What Defines An Intelligent Dog

In everyone’s opinion in ways dogs are intelligent. Some may say that smart dogs are stubborn and tough to train, making the entire training process difficult. Dogs also train their owners more than their humans can teach them. However, smart dogs are perceived as quick absorbers and most comfortable to teach the dog when he is properly motivated.

Smart dogs also learn words faster compared to common canines as well as perform commands efficiently. They also provide you with full attention to what is going around them. They can also recognize their toy by their toy’s names one by one! However, they need the motivation to learn faster, so make sure that your dog is motivated – and that’s not going to be a rocket science.

Training A Smart Canine

There are a lot of smart mixed-breed dogs out there. Mine is a Belgian crossed with German Shepherd, and he is smarter than his breed’s reputation, or less smart than its reputation.

Often, a dog’s intelligence is how you communicate with the dog. Canines learn faster when they are given rewards as motivation. Make sure the dog is engaged at all times. The easiest & fastest method is to bond the dog with you and practice training with the dog and exercise with the dog.

Top Smartest Breeds Dogs

Border Collie

This breed happens to be one of the smartest dogs around. A border collie is as smart as a kid in kindergarten. It is energetic as well as athletic. If the border collie is not preoccupied, then it will start making trouble to make himself busy.

This breed can carry out the task that is assigned to it. With that said, they make sure that they are preoccupied and use their brains to get the tasks assigned to them and carry out with care. Border collies are considered above average in the canine world.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd is smart and active. It is one of the smartest dogs out there and it is actually a rather hardworking dog. It is friendly and when it is around young kids, it keeps them safe. The dog can work harder than you expect and it also learns faster than an average dog. It is always looking for new things to do, and is also rather athletic. It should be given a lot of dog sports to carry out. Rather mischievous when it is bored. Make sure it has something to do so that he does not get naughty.


A poodle is a circus animal and always ends up on variety TV shows. When it comes in various sizes, big or toy, it is the best cute breed of the year. Cuddling with the poodle day in day out makes the poodle a furry pet along with its simple small tricks that makes it very adorable. It is a great friend and it can take care of your animal. Although it is small, it can be fierce to strangers or people that visit the house. Always make sure that your poodle is well taken care of and it does not disappear through a hole in the door.

Australian Cattle Dog

This also happens to be a smart dog, and it bonds tightly with its owner for life. This breed originally bred cattle, so the breed loves to work. It is a smart ass and it loves to do work. It is at the peak when it has something to do. Without a job, the dog will develop a destructive behaviour and goes back to digging up holes in the garden again. Treat the dog well and it will be your partner for life. They can guard the home as well as your family well.

German Shepherd Dog

While you might find this a bit smart, it goes without saying that it’s a bit too bright. This smart dog has so much intelligence that at times it becomes super anxious. When you assign a critical task to The German shepherd dog, it approaches the task happily. It might be supervising the younger kids in the house or protecting a baby from harm – as long as it provides a feeling of responsibility to the breed. That being said, this dog needs a lot of exercises to stay healthy.

Most German Shepherds find their call in getting a job with cops. They can learn many actions in a short space of time. If they are adequately trained, the German Shepherd will obey the owner’s commands and look for a new task to carry out.

It is also a well-known service dog, whether it is aiding a visually impaired or audio impaired owner. As it is highly intelligent, it is one of the best breed dogs in town to support a disabled owner.

These are the best smart dog breeds in the town, and you will need to ensure that you can take care of the dog the right way before buying or adopting a new pup. What’s more, make sure that there is someone responsible for taking proper care of the dog as it will need a lot of attention and care.

That being said, if you want to get a smart breed to become a service dog, the types of dogs above are the ones that you should pick. Nonetheless, you will need to incur charges of getting a trainer to train it to be a service dog.

Last Words

If you want to get a pet, these loving breeds are smart, loyal and protective. Your young children will be adequately taken care by of your dog.

Lastly, always make sure to take care of your dog and your dog will take care of your family and you in return.


Author Bio:

Tony is the owner of, the pet-parent of two dogs, and he is also an active animal rescuer. He works with multiple non-governmental organisations which work towards providing aid to homeless dogs and cats.

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