The use of What’s App for marketing in the year 2019

Mar 19, 2019 1:40 PM ET

What’s App has a vast amount of users that are spread over one hundred and eighty countries. These users can be utilized for marketing purposes. What’s App is especially useful when it comes to the promotion of brand in the local market. What’s App Business app has proven to be quite useful when it comes to marketing due to a large number of its users. The app can establish constant communication between customers and business owners thus forming a strong bond between the two. Like all other communication platforms What’s App too can be used for marketing. The trends of social media marketing are evolving with each day, but certain things are changing universally for What’s App and all other social media platforms.

Bots and customer’s chat

Keeping constant contact with your customers is crucial because it helps you create a close bond with your customers. A human will not be able to respond to all of the queries so chat bots must be used for a quick response. Your customers will feel special if they get a reaction to all of the queries. However, keep the complex queries for your human assistant because chatbots can only follow a specific pattern. In the year 2019, most of the businesses are using chatbots for communication, and anyone that does not use it is left behind.

Use of What’s App in business

The use of messaging apps for business has grown exponentially over the past few years. Companies are focusing on the messaging app because it is an opportunity that they cannot miss due to their demand. The impact of messaging app on business is far more formidable compared to other platforms because the communication is much more personal and closer compared to open feed. The marketing through messaging apps brings the customer and business owners to the neutral ground for mutual understanding.

Protect the Data of your customers

When it comes to marketing the most important factors that matter to customers is the data. Customers want to keep their privacy secure, and anything that put their privacy in jeopardy can lead to the demise of a business. If a company uses the data of customers for anything other than the requirements of the business, then it can face some severe backlash. So it is essential for business owners to keep the data of their customers secure.

Make your customers comfortable

Reflect on your business and see how much comfort your business is offering to the customers. See how well they are treated during communication and check if their requirement is being met. People use mobile phones for different apps, and the phone part of it is nearly irrelevant at this point. The Internet is utilized through different apps for messaging and call, and What’s App is an essential part of it. Use of What’s App for marketing will make the communication simpler for both customers and business owners.

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