The video shows bodies that were loaded onto a truck in front of the hospital

Mar 30, 2020 10:45 PM ET

The coronavirus pandemic has hit New York City so hard that, according to a viral video, healthcare workers are using forklifts to load corpses into refrigerated vehicles.

The 5-minute and 32-second clip, released on YouTube, shows doctors helping to load the bodies in body bags into the mobile mortuary outside the Brooklyn Hospital Center in Fort Greene, according to a man who rotates the clip and turns does not identify.

“That is real. This is Brooklyn, ”says a man who films the terrible event in the video.

“They put the bodies on the 18-wheel … that’s no joke … that’s Brooklyn Hospital,” the man says, asking people to “stay inside”; while the deadly virus continues to haunt the city .

The trembling man continues, “That could make you take this seriously.”

The Brooklyn Hospital Center did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The hospitals in New York City were completely overwhelmed during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In another recent video, taken outside of Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn’s Borough Park, a man in medical gown films shows what he thinks are corpses on stretchers and corpses in a refrigerated truck.

“There’s a truck we’ll put the king’s corpses in, brother,” says the man in the 41-second clip, adding, “Crazy bodies, it’s full of corpses. It’s like a load.”

The unknown man then opens the truck and says: “There are corpses over there … Corpses are stacking up there.”

The hospital spokeswoman, Eileen Tynion, confirmed to The Post the authenticity of the video material and said: “We regret that someone could receive this material and plan to communicate with the community more thoughtfully in the future.”

“We do what every New York City hospital does to prepare for an increase in everything – patients who need care and an increase in patients who are expiring,” said Tynion.

Provisional morgues have been set up in front of other congested Big Apple hospitals, including Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan.

Last week, two refrigerated trailers and a tailor-made motorhome called “MOBILE COMMAND CENTER – MEDICAL EXAMINER” were seen at the location on 30th Street and FDR Drive.

Corona virus-related deaths in the city rose to 776 on Sunday evening after nearly 100 people died from the virus in seven hours.

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