Things to consider before choosing the right nursing school

Mar 28, 2020 8:50 PM ET

If you’re a student, freshly out of school, sitting in a pile of research contemplating your next decisions in life. Then you’re wiser than most people because most people complain about choosing the wrong nursing school as per their requirements in the coming years, hence, considering all the aspects of your favorite nursing school before joining it is integral. Make sure you keep in mind these few factors as you determine a nursing program’s quality and go for online FNP programs.

1. Look for proper accreditation

There are various reasons why it is of paramount importance to look for a nursing school that is approved and accredited from the regulator. First, if the board of state for nursing does not approve the school you attend, then you might not be able to give the National Council Licensure Examination. Which is a licensing exam that nursing graduates are required to pass so that they can become a Registered Nurse? Without clearing the exam of NCL, you can’t have your nursing license. Furthermore, graduating from an authorized nursing program paves the way for you to attend other empower schools if you want to pursue advanced studies in nursing, which is required for you to become a nurse educator, practitioner, nurse midwife, or nurse anesthetist. Schools that offer these advanced programs don’t take in students from an unaccredited program. In addition to this, many institutions only consider applicants who have graduated from the following list:

1 Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN)

2 Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation (CNEA)

Healthcare providers also prefer to hire licensed practitioners trained under the standard of nationally established.

2. Location

It is essential to pay attention to the area of the institute. An ideal situation would be where you won’t have to travel for long hours to take classes or perhaps opt for an institution that provides you facilitation to live on campus. You can find several nursing schools in all the states, in case you feel like relocating. However, these schools might be on the costlier side because they charge more tuition fees from the student who is from out of state. Many nursing schools have long waiting lists. So you might need to wait to get into the programs. So you should apply for more schools, you might get started quickly. Online classes also offer the same information that you can receive from traditional classrooms, minus all the hassles of traveling. Yet. You will have the professors, need to buy the books, assignments to complete before the deadline, and have to give the exams. However, you don’t have to travel miles to attend the class as you can now take it from the comfort of your home. This is by far a more convenient and flexible option for students and suits entirely for students who have full-time jobs and families. The only downside to online classes is that since you have it in your hand to take classes whenever you want, you might never be motivated enough to make it. In nursing schools, you will require a lot of time studying, and it is best if you don’t need or have to drive for very long hours. A simple internet search can find you all the nursing schools available in your area.

3. Degree choice

Students need to know if they want to start off as Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or interested in going for a Registered Nurse (RN) degree, a degree which is associate or degree of bachelor’s. You can find many schools that offer all levels of nursing training, and you can be in the field you want, or you might end up with others who don’t have many options. You should also know some nurses get the training in stages, meaning initially they start with an LPN training, then move towards the degree which is associate. The next step, after achieving those milestones, they go for the following degree, so make sure you also set your challenge or goals one at a time until you reach your intended destination.

4. NCLEX pass rates

Checking the pattern of how the nursing school’s students do in the nursing licensure exam is an excellent way to measure the quality of a nursing program. A nursing program providing quality education is undoubtedly going to have more students passing out. Even though the result of NCLEX is not totally dependent upon the quality of teaching and ultimately, a students’ hard work and perseverance make or breaks the result of an exam. But still, the BCLEX pass rates can give a good indication about that’s how the school is preparing its students, and if the pass rates are low, then you can steer clear ahead of it.

5. Size of the nursing school

The size of the nursing school is essential for you to to feel comfortable in. It depends entirely on your preference, whether you like to get close attention and personal feel of a small nursing school or want a socially interactive think of a more significant type of school. In a large school, the professor might not be able to help you out on a personal level, but these schools are often the ones that have more experienced and quality professors.

6. Class schedules

Find a school that has classes scheduled that are convenient for you. Nursing students are often already working and handling the patients to gain experience in that patient-caregiver relationship. Hence it is vital that you see if your class schedule is as such that it accommodates your clinical life. So you can live your personal or social life as well. Too much focus and pressure are not suitable for body health, and as you want to become a nurse, your first priority should be your own physical and mental health.

7. Clinical partnerships

Of course, the whole aim of going to a nursing school and passing your NCLEX is to kick start your career in nursing. Having an excellent clinical experience with a stellar faculty is critical, and you should want to see and learn as much as you can during this valuable experience. A nursing program with affiliations to local hospitals can make the job hunting process effortless. It is not unheard of that pupil of well-knit nursing programs land jobs even before their nursing school graduation.


Choosing the right nursing school is a crucial decision in any nursing practitioners’ life, hence when picking a nursing school, look for one that checks all the boxes above and feels like a good fit as per your requirements. And you are choosing an excellent occupation for yourself, which shows how humble and a great person you are, so don’t be fool by anyone because you are not accepting this occupation for your own self but for others as well which is an excellent contribution from your side in this society. And we wish you all the best!

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