Things to do in Jackson, MS

Nov 1, 2020 10:40 AM ET

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The City with Soul is the nickname of the Mississippi state capital Jackson. You can experience the hospitality of the Deep South, great weather throughout the year, and plenty of attractions. Jackson is a warm, welcoming city with great food, a vibrant live music scene, and diverse history and culture.

The best time to visit Jackson is from March to November, when the weather ranges from warm to hot in the peak of the summer. Like the rest of Mississippi state, Jackson is in a hurricane belt, and you should check the weather forecast if you come from August to November. Winter is also a great time to visit Jackson, the temperatures are mild, and there are fewer crowds.

Before emCafeking on a Deep South journey, you will need to apply for ESTA Visa Online if you are a foreign visitor. The online procedure is pretty straightforward and consists of a detailed questionnaire and a small fee. The administration usually takes around 72 hours to process your application, and once you get trave authorization, you have two years to visit the US.

Top attractions in Jackson MS

Jackson has several well-preserved Antebellum buildings, and the most famous is the Old Capitol Museum. A National Historic Landmark dates to 1839, and it was the state capitol until 1903 when the new capitol building was built. The new Capitol is also a tourist attraction with its 180-foot dome.

Mississippi Governor’s Mansion represents a classic Greek Revival home, a style that was common in Deep South in 1840.

You can learn more about history in the Museum of Mississippi History with exhibits from the prehistoric era, artifacts from Chickasaw and Choctaw tribes, the slavery period, and the Civil War. More about the struggle of African Americans can be found in the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum.

Fun places in Jackson MS

If you want something quirky, you can visit Fondren District. Once place with Mississippi Lunatic Asylum, now hosts a vibrant art scene, great cafes, and boutiques.

For visitors with kids, Mississippi Children’s Museum is must-see. Six large areas with interactive educational exhibitions can be a wholeday worth of fun.

A nearby LaFleur’s Bluff State Park is a great natural area for exploration, and inside of the park, you can find the Museum of Natural Science. Among the most prominent attractions, there is a vast aquarium network. Kids can see alligators, turtles, and giant treehouses.

Another fun place is the Russell C. Davis Planetarium that features a massive 60 -foot dome for the projection of celestial objects.

Live music Jackson MS

But Jackson is not only museums and exhibitions. It is a fun destination with diverse restaurants, Cafes, and the club scene. When you start exploring the live music scene,you will find out why Jackson has the slogan City with Soul. There are numerous spots with great jazz, blues, rock, and country live music.

Duling Hall is perhaps the most famous and bigger venues where renowned musicians usually play.  If you are searching for jazz and blues, the Yellow Scarf is a listening room where you bring your food and drinks.

Soul Wired Café has live music from Wednesday to Saturday with a healthy mix of Soul and other genres like reggae.

Dive into the Southern comfort food menu, a laid-back atmosphere, and listen to local artists’ performances. Other music venues include the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra and the Alamo theater.

Nightlife Jackson MS

If you like late-night clubbing, Freelon’s Cafe and Groove is probably the most notable place. With huge 11,000 square feet, it hosts concerts, dance floors, and VIP spaces. You can dance inside or talk to friends on an outside patio. The club hosts some famous DJs and artists like Lil Wayne, Eric Benet, Mystical, and many others.

Hideaway is a nightclub with a large dance floor, a huge Cafe, and a great atmosphere. The program consists of dance nights with DJs or live music and special programs like Karaoke.

A night club with a western feel to it is Pop’s Saloon. It has a dance floor, live music, and on top of that, a mechanical bull.

Jackson has some exciting Cafes like craft cocktail Cafe The Apothecary situated at Brent’s medicine. The Ole Tavern is a sports Cafe with a traditional pub atmosphere, and if you are looking for great drink and an extensive drink selection, head down to CAET Cafe.

Do not make any reservations before checking your ESTA status. The best advice is to clear all the paperwork before making the itinerary. Once you get your ESTA approval, you can explore the US for up to 90 days.

Bottom line

In the Deep South, Jackson has a rich history, numerous excellent museums, and fun places for the whole family. There are interesting natural attractions outside of the city, and if you like food, drinks, and having fun, Jackson also has a reputation for great music and nightlife.