Things you need to know about radio waves  

Feb 7, 2020 4:55 AM ET

After the invention of cell phones in the 1990s, communication has become very portable and accessible. Now the world is impossible to imagine without this technology. These accessories allow you to connective at any part of the world with the help of an internet connection. It is all happen due to the support of radio waves.

Radio waves emitted from the wireless and other electronic devices. Radio waves are apart of life since the invention of the radio and television. Many people believe that radio waves are harmful to health and lead to some dangerous cancers. Do you find in the danger of radio waves of a myth?

However, it is essential to understand some critical things about radio waves. Let have a look at them:

The most crucial point that you should keep in your mind is, radio waves are not sound waves. These are electromagnetic waves as considered as the most important invention of the human. These waves have made communication more comfortable and efficient.

Radio waves are created with the combination of the electric and magnetic fields. You will be amazed to know that radio waves travel very as the speed of light.

When you turn on the radio, the radio converts the radio waves into electrical signals, which are further converted into sound waves. The radio amplifier boosts the sound waves by which you can hear the music.

Wavelength and Frequency:

The wavelength of radio waves varies. It ranges from 30cm to thousands of meters.

Whereas, the frequency of radio waves is as low as 3Hz and as high as one gigahertz. The signals of radio waves travel through the air in the straight line.

Use of radio waves:

Radio waves are used in standard broadcast television, radio, remote control accessories, shortwave radio, air traffic control, and navigation.

Some interesting facts of radio waves:

In the 1860s, Clerk Maxwell predicted the existence of radio waves. He concluded that radio waves are electromagnetic waves that travel through space.
After this discovery, Gugliemo Marco invented the first radio transmitter and receiver.
It is interesting to know that all radio waves are not electromagnetic ways. Some also include Bluetooth, ultraviolet, microwaves, x-rays, radar, and infrared rays.
There are different frequencies of radio waves. These waves include FM radio waves and AM radio waves. FM radio waves broadcast between 88MHz and 108MHz, whereas AM radio waves broadcast between 550 kHz and 1600 kHz.
It is also believed that radio waves can travel forever until something absorbs it. If not absorbed, these waves bounce off the items. It means that radio waves have the ability to bounce off the cloud or ground or any object that is the conductor.
If we talk about the single text message that is sent from one phone to another, it is also radio waves. These waves leave the sender’s phone and connect to the tower that sent the waves to receivers. These waves are so unique that message always reaches to the right person.

Are radio waves harmful?

As we know that every invention has good and bad aspects. There is no comprehensive research that can prove that how much these waves are bad for humans. You cannot stop yourself from being using. For this purpose, you have to bring some drastic changes in your life and go back to the time when these gadgets were not available.

However, there are many types of waves that are harmful to human beings. The most common example is sunlight, which consists of a wide range of radio waves.

Although sunlight is essential to maintain life at the same time, ultraviolet rays from the sun can also damage the skin and may cause cancer. To avoid these rays, we can use different types of skin lotions, cream, sprays, and sunblocks.

However, excess of everything is terrible. That why it is suggested to use the gadgets as less as you can. Emission of harmful waves can affect your health level.

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