Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Investing In Home Safes

Nov 11, 2020 9:51 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 11, 20204:51 AM ET

Despite the existence of digital banking and bank safety deposit boxes, many people still opt to keep safes at home to secure valuables, important papers, keepsakes, among others. Some people find it more comfortable to secure essential items in their homes, rather than have other facilities take care of it for them. There is a sense of security when you know that your valuable belongings are near and safe within your control and reach.

Consequently, investing in home safes has become a trend in some households. You would not want burglars to steal precious items away when you are not around. Not only are your valuables protected from burglary, but safes also ensure that they are protected from fire and other incidents.

However, before you buy pricey home safes, there are a few questions you should ask yourself first.

Why am I buying a safe?

Before buying a safe, discern first the purpose of your purchase. Understand the reason why you are purchasing a safe. What items will you store in it?

Ask yourself this question to get a clear idea of what type and make of safe you should be investing in for your home. This question will help you decide on whether you should choose a fireproof safe or not, or whether you should invest in big or small ones. The answer to this will be your purpose and will be the determining factor in choosing the most suitable safe for you.

Quality safes are usually expensive. Whether you are buying a safe to keep belongings like guarding tool or prescription medicine out of children’s reach or for protecting legal paper works and pieces of jewelry from fire or thieves, your purpose should initially be ascertained for you to get your money’s worth.

Which type of safe suits me?

Not all home safes are suitable for you. As earlier said, the items you choose to secure will dictate what type of safe will work best for you. There are a variety of safes you can purchase for your home. Both big and small ones exist in the market. Safes also come in thick and thin, permanently-installed, and ones that are not built-in. Some safes are fireproof, while others are only fire-resistant.

Other safe options may include wall safes, floor safes, equipment safes, among others. Wall safes are those installed directly in your walls and are ideal for papers, jewelry, and cash. However, wall safes cannot support much weight for heavy items.

On the other hand, floor safes are either large or small and are usually heavy. They are ideal for electronics and other big or heavy items. However, these safes are often bulky.

Finally, equipment safes are those designed with extra locks and pry-proof metal as added security. Some equipment safes also feature locking bolt technology to avoid risks of accidents.

You can choose any of the mentioned safes. However, if you are going to use your safe for a variety of reasons, you may consider purchasing more than one safe, instead of forcing to store your belongings all in one place. As established, not all safe serve the same purpose.

Nevertheless, once you have decided on a safe, you can check out stores that sell quality safe, like ones that beonhome offers, among others.

Where will I place it?

When placing your safe inside your home, you have the option to put it anywhere where you find it most comfortable. However, there are few areas in your home that are ideal in placing a safe. These areas are less visible and more reliable.

The most common areas where people place their home safes are inside the closet and under their beds. Since these are common hiding spots, naturally, these will also be the first place where burglars will search. As such, we recommend placing it someplace that is not common.

Perhaps, you can set your safe in the basement, the space under your stairs or behind your shoe rack. We recommend that you strategically put it in places where it is peculiar for a safe to be in and in areas where you feel it is most protected.

Nonetheless, you have the option to place your safe anywhere near you. Perhaps, you could put it in a convenient place in your bedroom for easy access to your fine jewelry. Ultimately, it depends on your preference and needs.


For some people, safes are essential features of a home. However, safes tend to be expensive, depending on the make and size. Hence, to get more value for the money you spend, you must find a purpose for this investment. You must also purchase a safe that suits you and its use. Consequently, with a little discernment, you can be sure that the safe you will buy will be a worthy investment.