Top 10 must-have tools for Digital marketing

Nov 11, 2020 11:50 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 11, 20206:50 AM ET

Handling social media channels alone can be a hassle and we marketers know how important are Digital marketing tools to handle the business. I’m sharing some email marketing, social media, content marketing and other productivity tools that are must-have to run a business onli

Content Studio

Get your content organized, planned and shared on all your social channels under one roof. Content studio is a among the top social media management tools according to Capterra’s assessment of 2020.
Search for laser-focused content and share or schedule it on your social channels. You can trust this tool with an automated posting and spend your valuable hours at something more productive.

It is true that social media automation doesn’t produce much engagement but content studio happens to increase the engagement.


Social media automation with trendy content shared regularly only increases social engagement. Just look for the trendy and updated content across the web with its content discovery feature and let this tool curate it for you. Share your amazing content among all the social channels and your website.

The insights feature for social media adds the cherry on top because that way you can see the real-time analysis of your campaigns. Use it wisely to identify what’s working for you & what’s not.


Shorten and track your links with Replug. If you want your company to gain more visitors every day on autopilot and convert them into leads, all you need is this tool that will help you grow your business with retargeting. You can analyze which resources work best for you with its analyzer.
Use Bio Links in your Bio of Instagram, Facebook and other social channels to gain traffic to all your URLs.


Instagram and Pinterest are winning the race of Social Media. Why? Simply because visual content is appealing and adds colours to everybody’s lives. Need some facts?

  • Instagram is the most used network after Facebook (Oberlo)
  • Total no. of monthly active users on Pinterest is 300+ million (omnicoreagency)

My personal opinion is very soon both these platforms will take over every social media channel because of this strength. Not only are these channels an eye candy but you can run a great business on both if you are smart enough.

The most useful feature in this tool is the hashtag finder. It basically tracks your post behaviour and suggests hashtags that are popular in your niche. You can also find hashtags manually if you’re looking for something new.

And how could I forget, it also has a social media post scheduler which keeps your accounts fresh and awesome!


ProProfs Project is a reliable project management tool that can meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. It comes with a gamut of features like Gantt charts, calendar view, automated invoicing, time tracking, task comments, etc. that make project management a breeze. It even has mobile apps available on Google Play and Apple App stores, which makes sure that its users enjoy the ease of access.

Keyhole is a great tool for you if you want to find not only relevant content but also influencers in your niche. You know the importance of hashtags, right?

They fire up the reach of your social media posts for an audience that’s craving for valuable information. Keyhole lets you find popular hashtags relevant to your field of interest and the influencers that are using them in their social media posts. This, right here, is a great opportunity for you to spread the word in a dandy way; that is by speaking the language of your audience to sell them your service.


The last buzzsumo alternative among our list for you is socialmention. We have mentioned it last but its strength is incomparable. This tool is designed to aggregate and analyze the content on social media channels in real-time. With its capacity to scrape blogs, microblogs, and other sources, this tool is a must-try tool for all the curious content curators out there.

When a user uses this tool to search for a query, this tool shows some basic analytics like the sentiment of the content-piece and top related keywords.


Adaface helps businesses by automating their first-round technical interviews in the form of conversational assessments with the help of an AI bot, Ada. Adaface provides 700+ assessments on more than 30+ programming languages for organizations to screen candidates for Software Engineering roles, Business roles, Managerial positions, and many more. With the provision of using custom assessments and proctoring features, employers can be assured that the candidate’s results are reflective of their on-the-job skills. Adaface also provides PairPro, a remote pair-programming tool with a collaborative code editor, and video conferencing capabilities for conducting remote interviews.


Socialinsider is a social media analytics tool that aims to deliver quality insights to businesses. With this tool you can track and analyze TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube pages, run hashtags reports and create competitive benchmarks.

It makes it easier to optimize all social media campaigns, get on-point data on your brand’s performance across all platforms and markets, and even check on your ads’ results.


SalesHandy is one of the best email marketing tools that help in your outreach process and increases email productivity. It comes with multiple automation features such as mail merge, email personalization, automated follow-ups, email tracking, mail template, team collaboration and more. SalesHandy is a complete email marketing tool for sales reps, marketers, recruiters, bloggers, and other professionals as well.


Crowdfire is another one of the amazing buzzsumo alternative tools to keeps your social channels pumped up.

It also has analytics. Not only for your brand and campaigns but also for your competitors. That is right! You can enter the name of your competitor and let your spy monitor their progress. Then you can replicate their patterns and strategies to climb up the ladder.