Top 10 Tight Ends To Pick For Your Next Fantasy Football Plays

Jul 23, 2020 9:15 PM ET

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The tight end or the TE is one of the versatile positions in football. Most of the TE’s role is on the offensive side where they are lined-up to become effective blockers. In the same way, they are also positioned to be receivers to sustain the team’s defense and pay attention to the running pass patterns. 

Like the quarterbacks and receiver, tight ends are also the most needed member of an NFL team. Without a skilled tight end, a team may not fulfill their goal of winning the game. For Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) football, picking the best tight end is a must to win and come up with a victorious fantasy team.

As the NFL games and DFS football take place, you must know the toughest tight ends that will effectively play fantasy sports. Today, we show you the top ten tight ends who soared high in DFS ranking. These players will surely help you create a fantasy team you can use for your next NFL Daily Fantasy games. 

George Kittle 

George Kittle ranks first in the race for the best tight ends you can pick in DFS football. He has been a tight end for the San Francisco 49ers since 2017. This year, he is playing for the same team with more solid offense skills. In his last game with the Arizona Cardinals, Kittle has landed 11.0 projected points. 

Travis Kelce 

Travis Kelce is a tight end player for the NFL defending champions, Kansas City Chiefs. He has joined the Chiefs since 2013, and this is his 7th year of playing the same position for the said team. In the current DFS ranking, he sits next to George Kittle after averaging 10.7 projected points against Houston Texans.

Mark Andrews

This Baltimore Ravens tight end player has ranked third in the current DFS football ranking. He joined the Ravens in 2018 and continues to play the same role in the upcoming NFL season. Upon joining pro-football in 2017, he was the most awarded rookie in the tight end. In his last game against the Cleveland Brown, he earned 8.9 projected points. 

Darren Waller 

In the last match-up against the Carolina Panthers, Darren Waller averaged a projected point of 6.8. With this, he ranked in the fourth spot for the current DFS football ranking. Waller is a tight end player for the Las Vegas Raiders. He has joined the teams since 2018, who’s looking for their NFL playoffs appearance this year since  2016. 

Zach Ertz 

Zach Ertz has been a tight end player for the Philadelphia Eagles since 2013. In his last game against the Washington Redskins, Ertz tallied 6.7 projected points. Because of that, he was able to clinch the 5th spot in the current DFS football ranking. Also, Ertz was an awardee of the most receptions by a tight end in a single season. 

Tyler Higbee

Sitting in the 6th place for the DFS football tight end ranking is Tyler Higbee. In his last game, he played against the Dallas Cowboys, which led him to garner an average of 6.7 projected points. Tyler Higbee has been a tight end for the Los Angeles Rams since 2016and recorded a career-high of 1,406 receiving yards as of 2019. 

Rob Gronkowski 

Rob Gronkowski was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year. He is playing as a tight end for the said team after leaving the New England Patriots, his home team for ten years. In the current DFS football ranking, he settles at the 7th place, where he averages 6.6 projected points.

Hunter Henry 

With 5.5 average points after playing against the Cincinnati Bengals, Hunter Henry is currently on the 8th spot for the current DFS football ranking. Henry has been a tight end player for Los Angeles since 2016. His team will head to the NFL this September representing the AFC West and looks for their playoff appearance this season they never had since 2018. 

Hayden Hurst 

In his last game against the Seattle Seahawks, Hayden Hurst garnered 5.4 projected points. That said, he is currently sitting in 9th place for the current DFS football ranking. Hurst is a tight end player for the Atlanta Falcons.

Evan Engram

Securing the 10th spot for the DFS football tight end ranking today is Evan Engram. He jousted against the Pittsburgh Steelers in his last match, where he earned 5.4 projected points. Also, Engram will play the same position for the New York Giants, where he joined in 2017. 


Making your dream team for your next DFS football plays won’t be strong without choosing the tight end players. Thus, with the top ten tight ends enumerated above, you have a better choice to pick which one you must include in your next DFS line-up.


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