Top 3 Reasons to Listen to Joe Fairless’s Real Estate Podcast

Mar 2, 2022 9:00 PM ET

If you’re looking for a guy who’ll give you straight and honest real estate advice, it’s Joe Fairless. That’s because Joe not only enjoys teaching and talking about real estate, but he also lives and breathes it.

Joe controls over $1,000,000,000 worth of real estate. He wrote a book called The Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Book. And he hosts a highly successful real estate podcast.

So, if you want to improve your real estate game, there’s no better guy to turn to.

But … if you’re still not persuaded of his genius, let us convince you (it’ll be easy). Ahead, we’ve outlined a list of the top 3 reasons you should be listening to Joe’s podcast. Ready, set … let’s go!


3 Reasons to Check Out Joe Fairless’s Real Estate Podcast

1. He knows what he’s doing.

Here are a few stats to help you understand just how successful Joe really is:

He currently controls more than $1,000,000,000 worth of assets.
He was the youngest vice president at an NYC ad agency
He raised over $1,000,000 of private investor funds for his first multi-family deal.
He has the world’s longest-running daily real estate podcast.


2. He’s been at this a long time, but he’s also been where you are now.

Joe Fairless likes to say that his life’s purpose is to help people achieve success financially. It’s a goal he’s had for a long time.

Still, Joe was once where you are now: Working at a job he really didn’t want to stay in and trying to figure out how to switch to something else.

Although he was extremely successful in his chosen profession (advertising), he also dreamed of moving on. This experience helps him today as he ushers other individuals just like him onto their own paths to financial freedom.


3. He started slow, and you can too.

While still working in advertising, Joe decided to start learning about real estate. He read books, went to seminars, and sought out mentorship from people he admired.

Finally, he decided to leave advertising. When he did so, he owned four single-family homes. These homes and the rent they generated earned him a hefty monthly income.

He saw quickly that passive income is the way to go. Passive income from rent meant he didn’t have to work for a fixed salary or hourly wage. Most of all, it meant he could have his time back.

And time, of course, is the most precious commodity any of us could ask for.


Check Out “The Best Ever Real Estate Show” Today!

Joe Fairless asks, “If money wasn’t an object, how would your life change? Would you spend more time with your children? Would you start a nonprofit organization like you’ve been talking about for years? Maybe you’d quit your current job and find one you truly enjoy.”

What he’s getting at is that money doesn’t buy happiness, but it is necessary in life. If financial freedom is something you’re after, real estate may be your ticket out of living paycheck to paycheck.

“The Best Ever Real Estate Show” can help you make it in this extremely competitive world. The podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts. Check it out today!

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