Top 5 Best Tips for Fresh Consultants in Customer Support

Feb 18, 2021 6:36 AM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 18, 2021  1:36 AM ET

So, it seems that you are thinking about becoming a customer support consultant, isn’t it? At least, there is one possible reason why you are reading this article now. We have good news for you – the job of the customer service consultant is very important and interesting on the one hand and responsible on the other hand. We are going to share with you some tips for consultants from the thought leaders. These guys deal with client’s requests every day, and they definitely know how to become professionals in customer support.

Who are you?

Let’s start with a small description of the customer support consultant. According to the information available on the web, customer support consultants work for providing direct connections between companies and their customers. Consultants take care of clients, answer their questions and solve their problems. This is absolutely correct. Customer support consultants really do their best for improving customer satisfaction and experience. At the same time, they also do a lot of other tasks like scheduling appointments, delivery organizing, connecting with the responsible employees, and so on.

The main skill of the experienced customer support consultant is the ability to listen and understand the needs and requests of the clients. At the same time, he or she has to be ready to help or calm down the client when it’s needed. And of course, the consultant has to know everything about the product or service he works with. Well, one of the first tips for a consultant – always stay updated and be ready to answer any questions of the customer or at least know whom you can transfer the specific request to.

Skills to have

We know already that working as a customer service consultant means listening to clients and understanding their needs. On top of that, you should stay cool. No, not to tell jokes or something like that, but to be a person people want to talk to. What are you expecting while calling the consultant? Right, to be treated in a polite and professional way. Just imagine what service you want to get and give this to the clients.

One more useful call center tip – you should not always behave as it is written in the script. Sometimes (quite often, actually), you will need to solve not usual requests and to find the answer quickly without time for getting help. Be ready to think and act fast. If you know everything about the product you will be able to find a solution. Keep learning is another recommendation you should follow.

In spite of the fact that you should be polite and open to the client, it’s also needed to become assertive in some cases. Just imagine the situation: the client needs your help but doesn’t want to do what you say to him. The only thing you can do in this situation – to insist but without being rude. You are the face of the brand, never forget this.

The consultant job can be really exhausting. Especially if you don’t organize it in the right way. During the day you will not just work with the client’s calls, you should always answer the messages, make schedules, proceed with requests or some information from the company, etc. Make a plan for the day and fulfill all the tasks step by step.

Tips for consultants: what else to think about

If you are a fresh consultant, it’s of course quite difficult to manage everything from the very beginning. You obviously need practice and time to understand how it works from the inside. We recommend not to hurry up and…

Practice listening

While having a call with the client, learn how to focus on the main topic, train not to interrupt the client, repeat the key phrases and information that should be noticed.

Say positive

In principle, it’s a key call center tip worth using in every situation. Add to your speech positive words like absolutely, great, of course, no doubt, etc. There are around 40 words you can implement to ensure your customer, show him respect and make him feel that all his problems independently of their complexity will be solved.

Get technical knowledge

Customers always want the best service and as soon as possible. So among other call center tips, we also can mention getting technical expertise. As a basic knowledge, you should at least perfectly understand how your CRM or ticketing system works and type fast without mistakes.

Be sure that people understand you

Clients don’t need details. Try to speak to them in a simple way (of course, If it’s not a special technical conversation that needs particular vocabulary). Also, take care of the waiting time. It should not be too long but productive.

Don’t be afraid of mistakes

There are a lot of different tips for consultants or call center tips but all of them are empty if you are not ready to admit your mistakes. It may be a simple misunderstanding, incorrect information, or wrong answer for the client – it doesn’t matter. The main thing here is to apologize in the right way and at the right time. Don’t insist, don’t become emotional or rude. Making mistakes is a common thing. Be open, transparent, and tell the client all the truth. Also promise to solve the problem, do it, and say “thank you for your patience”. This tactic will help to save the customer and reputation.