Top 5 Travel Destinations in the Middle East

Mar 26, 2020 1:10 AM ET

The majestic places in the Middle East allure millions of tourists every year because of its extreme historical and cultural importance. So if you are among such keen and passionate travelers, then we present you the list here.


Jordan has been one of the Middle East’s nicest states and therefore, it is a secure choice for traveling. There is quite a lot of things that draw visitors to Jordan. The key destinations include The Petra, a city built into the mountains that captivate us with its beautiful architecture. The Dead Sea, a highly saline, beautifully bubbling lake that has long drawn visitors. Amman, the capital city of Jordan with the ancient ruins also contributes to the attractions.


Kuwait might not be the first choice for an adventurous tourist destination, but if you opt for it, you will be delighted by the distinct culture and history of the country. While there are hundreds of marked tourist spots across the world, Kuwait also offers some amazing sights like the Grand Mosque, Kuwait towers and many to count. An interesting fact, Kuwait has become one of the wealthiest countries in the world over just 100 years, thanks largely to oil export from the region. It Is now in the highlights of the western world because of a corruption case of a Russian woman –Marsha Lazareva.

United Arab Emirates

Dubai is another one of those tourist destinations offering fun plans for the whole family. There are resorts where you can hang out with them, amusement parks, zoos, galleries and many other locations that fascinate children, young people, adults and even elderly alike. In 2017, Dubai served a record of 15.79 million visitors. Even though the “City of Gold” may be associated with excellence, it extends far to skyscrapers such as the Burj Khalifa, vast malls and mega-resorts. apart from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, The UAE capital is also one of the wealthiest cities on the planet and underpins every dimension of the city with this incredible richness. Seven-star hotels, high-class spas, fashion boutique shops, extravagant mosques, towering glass buildings, and sandy beaches are all on sale.


The major site of three main monotheistic faiths in Jerusalem. The Ancient City, belonging to holy Jewish sites (the Western Wall), Christians (the Holy Sepulcher Church), and Muslims (the Rock Dome), has always been a spot of prayer and spirituality. Modern city life exists beyond the gates, as do several top-class attractions, including the Israel Museum, where you can appreciate the Dead Sea Scrolls along with the works by Picasso and Rodin, and Yad Vashem, the only Holocaust world has ever known.


The iconic city located on the Peninsula of Antalya is a fusion of beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, and popular Turkish heritage. The prominent arch of Antalya ‘Hadrian’s Gate’ identifies the main entrance to Kaleiçi, the very well-preserved ancient area with its narrow streets. The Ottoman dwellings preserved with the harbor of the Roman period. Anyone with historical curiosity would definitely visit the Museum of Archaeology. To Kaleiçi’s north is the ki Kapılar Hanı, a veiled bazaar, spanning back to the fifteenth century and is full of jewelry, pottery, and fabrics.

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