Top Foods by Chef Ido Fishman

Aug 24, 2020 6:55 AM ET

Since the day we are born, our taste buds keep developing with every single bite or sip that we take out of the dish or a drink. By the time we hit the teenage, we end up tasting all the dishes around us and at times even the entire state but our taste buds are still developing and we are getting bored of the same food we eat on a daily or a weekly basis. In the middle-ages, if one wanted to try and taste a foreign cuisine, they had to travel across the globe to the country or continent that specialized in that cuisine making it nearly impossible for one to relish varieties of cuisines with a tight pocket.

With the passage of time, merchants and culinarians recognized the public’s need for food, taste and hunger and without giving it a second thought they started opening franchises around the world. By doing this, they made sure that the foodies in any corner of the world were able to taste and relish upon the drinks and cuisines that were popular in a city, province, country or a continent. Since then, the food business has thrived on the public’s demand and still continues to do so. Starting off as a foodie, Ido Fishman himself was also on the lookout for dishes with unique tastes, flavors and presentations, and in the pursuit of his ambition, he travelled from continent to continent trying out dishes that were available from local level to delicacy.

And after becoming one of the most successful chefs, he shared a list of top foods around the world so people could also cherish from his experiences and try out these cuisines whenever they can:

Food from United States

Although, most of the popular dishes currently being served in the USA are not originally from the United States itself (such as Fries that came from Belgium or France, Pizza from Italy or Hamburgers likely from Germany. But these dishes have been improved in the kitchens of United States, introduced to the entire world and have earned global recognition among the foodies. But this is not it as America also boasts their homemade dishes as well which include key lime pie, Cobb salad and clam chowder. Apart from this, Americans are also enjoying the best quality of Cheeseburgers where the kitchens have taken them to the next level.

Next in line are chocolate chip cookies who have gained so much international success and recognition that the world would now look incomplete without cookies. When talking about international recognition, the topic would be incomplete if we do not mention all-time favorite Twinkies, KFC and Hostess Cakes.

Food from Mexico

Imagine that if you were allowed to eat the food of only one country for the rest of your life, you should highly consider siding with Mexico as the food made in the country of Mexico has a touch of everything and ingredient. You would be able to eat different dishes almost every day and would never grow bored of the food. But on a serious note, if you ever wish to go for Mexican food, you should try eating tacos, helados, quesadillas and enchiladas that will give you the feel and taste of salads, curry, heat, spices of dishes and ingredients available throughout the world in different cuisines.

Mexican food is also considered to be very considerate towards nutrition as the most commonly used ingredients in their dishes have tomato, lime, avocado and garlic with a high amount of chilies, and as these ingredients are antioxidants, are healthful for the consumers. However, if you look at the final products, you will think that these dishes are not healthy at all but your stomach and internals state otherwise.

Food from Pakistan

If you are looking for presentation from Pakistan cuisine, you may have the wrong approach as the Pakistani food and culinarians use spices in abundance making it a fusion of meat and vegetables, which proves their dedication to taste and flavor. In the Pakistani cuisine, there are no limits or rules for the usage of spices as long as the final product is enriched with taste and flavor for the foodies. Pakistan holds its own ground with a number of sweets such as Gulab Jamun, Cham Cham, Laddu, Pateesa and more as well as desserts such as Rabri, Ras Malai, Kheer, Sheer Khurma, Zarda and many more.

With so much variety, Pakistan has the ability to their foodies with food 24×7 depending on their mood. If its breakfast, then you can go for Halwa Poori, Naan Chaney, Bong Paye. If it’s lunch or dinner, you can have the all-time favorites such as Biryani, Nehari, Daal Maash, Mix Sabzi etc. And if it’s out of the typical eating hours or hangouts, you can go for Pathoorey, Sajji, BBQ Hareesa and many more. In addition to this, one of the best thing about Pakistan is that geographically, it has been blessed with all the seasons meaning that you can cherish having a variety of dishes, fruits and vegetables from all the seasons while most of the countries are only able to have 1 or 2 types of seasons.

Food from Japan

No matter the topic, it would always seem incomplete if Japan is not a part of it. Food in the Japanese world holds extremely high value and is considered to be a fundamental element in their traditions. Japan boasts its unique cooking style and love for creativity through one of their most common and highly popular dish that is Ramen. When it comes to Ramen, the Japanese literally make it a part of their religion as every Ramen vendor is seen making it with creativity, art and devotion.

If you end up going to Japan, you may come across Ramen makers who create even the Ramen noodles in their own kitchens and serve them as a buffet where the customers first go to the ramen noodle maker, have their bowl filled with freshly made ramen noodles and move onto the buffet where they can add ingredients of their own liking. Every ramen maker in Japan have their own flavor and taste to share with their customers. Japanese also has many popular dishes that are Miso soup, Tempura, Sushi & Sashimi.

Ido Fishman’s Advice

It does not matter where you are born and where you live, you must not stop your journey of exploration. Why reduce your exploration to only a few local flavors when you have a world to discover? Ido Fishman believes that the most important thing to explore new cultures is an open mind. In fact, that’s the first thing you need if you want to be a chef. So keep trying new foods, keep your palate appreciated and include the ones you like the most to your diet.


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