Travel Enthusiast James Feldkamp Discusses How to Stay Safe and Arrive Healthy When Flying

Jul 8, 2020 12:20 AM ET

Travel enthusiast James Feldkamp discusses how to stay safe and arrive healthy when flying.

ARLINGTON, VA / JULY, 2020 / The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has changed travel as we know it for the forseeable future. However, that doesn’t mean people aren’t taking to the skies. People are beginning to book flights, as travel restrictions are being lifted around the country and around the globe. Travel enthusiast James Feldkamp recently offered advice on how travelers can stay safe and arrive at their destinations healthy with the threat of coronavirus still looming.

“There are countless reasons people need to travel via air,” James Feldkamp said. “So it’s important those who are traveling do it safely.”

James Feldkamp explained first and foremost that nobody should board a plane if they’re unwell. He stated that airports are taking steps to prevent this, such as temperature checks, but travelers need to take it upon themselves to be responsible. James Feldkamp explained that while someone may have boarded a plane with a cold or other illness in the past, that’s simply not acceptable in the current travel environment.

“Travelers should take the same precautions they’ve been practicing throughout the pandemic, and perform them even more thoroughly,” James Feldkamp said. “This means washing your hands as often as possible, using hand sanitizer before and after touching anything, and wearing a facemask at all times throughout the travel experience.”

James Feldkamp explained that travelers should pack a number of additional sanitation items when traveling. These are likely things they wouldn’t have packed before the coronavirus pandemic. He stated that everyone should bring disinfecting wipes to disinfect any seats they use or surfaces they touch, such as the seat touch screen, headrest, window, and more. James Feldkamp also suggesting packing nasal spray, which can help clean out the nose and keep it moisturize, and plenty of water to stay hydrated and healthy.

“If you’ve been sitting on an upgrade, now is the time to use it,” James Feldkamp said. “Opting for first or business class seating will provide more personal space.”

James Feldkamp added that even paying a little extra for a seat with additional leg room will provide a small buffer for space. Any additional space means possible lower contact with fellow travelers.

Finally, James Feldkamp explained that the mission to stay safe while traveling begins before you leave the house. He stated that even though there is not currently a vaccine for COVID-19, it’s important check your other vaccinations and ensure they’re up-to-date. Taking this step before traveling can help protect your immune system, so it’s ready to fight off illness.

“Now is the time to be more cautious than ever while traveling,” James Feldkamp finished. “Taking the above precautions before stepping aboard a plane will help protect you as well as your fellow travelers. After all, we all want to reach our destinations in a healthy state.”

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