Trends to Make Sure Your Business Stands Out in the Marketplace

Nov 3, 2020 7:26 PM ET

iCrowdNewswire   Nov 3, 20202:26 PM ET

Making your business stand out in the marketplace is primarily fostering trust and confidence in your audience in your ability to fulfill their needs through your products or services. Understanding customer behavior and market trends are key in gaining a favorable position among your competitors. If you’re looking you improve your presence in the marketplace, here are things you’d want to consider incorporating into your marketing strategy:

1. Creative Signages

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We all know that digital marketing has placed itself at the forefront of modern marketing practices, however, outdoor real-life branding strategies are still invaluable elements in getting critical exposure for your business. Having outdoor advertising signs drive footfall, gain substantial brand recognition, and a customized design highlights your corporate identity, all of which expressively convey your vision and commitment to your customers say Burbank-based leading experts in business signs. Adorning your establishment with a fetching sign to welcome customers or strategically placing ads across key locations helps your campaign to reach new heights of marketing innovation and imparting an indelible impression to your audiences.

2. Boost Online Presence

The online platform is filled with different opportunities to help you get the most exposure and brand awareness for your business. The different strategies allow you to choose certain methods that support your campaign and help you achieve your objectives. Establishing measures to promote your online presence is key in gaining the trust and confidence of your followers. Studies show that people nowadays turn to online resources and reviews before buying a product. In one study, over 70% of buyers Google the store or the item before heading down to make the purchase. This shows how an online presence helps influence customer behavior and how it affects your brand and your business.

SEO should be the first thing you need to address when you’re promoting your brand online. Getting a favorable rank on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) will trickle down to other strategies you have on the internet. Local SEO is one of the most utilized approaches in gaining visibility in your local area. When was the last time you tried a restaurant without ever having to read or hear about in blogs or social media? A business that has a physical presence or serves a specific area benefits greatly from this strategy. 

3. Reach Target Audience

Targeting your audience is an adage as old as business itself. The most successful businesses, however, learn to innovate and employ creative approaches in catching the attention of your prospective customers. But how can you apply this ancient adage to modern times? There is no straight answer to this other than, taking a closer look at customer trends.

Society changed and is continually changing, from home appliances being blatantly advertised to mothers to how classic comic book movie adaptations are used to appeal to the millennial moviegoers who are now earning their own money. Identifying your audience and approaching them in the most opportune moments can help launch your business far ahead of the competition.

Noting how people nowadays rely on information when making a purchase, establishing your authority in your niche by educating them will foster confidence in your brand. Blogs and tutorials are effective ways to build a relationship with your audience, as well as educating them in certain ads. One ad playfully teases the competition by greeting “Happy Father’s Day” to those who buy their products. This is a simple way of targeting their audience and subtly (effectively) promoting their own brand’s value. 

4. Games and Promotions

Games and promos are common practices when campaigning for your brand. But there are many ways to be more creative in getting people to participate and drive awareness about your business. In 2012, a simple middle-school game of “Truth or Dare” trended on social media in New York City. The organizer placed “Truth or Dare” cards all around the city to make people be attentive to their surroundings. The game got a lot of attention because it was simple and it was particularly inclusive to the intended players. Using games and promotions bode well as a strategy because it allows you to engage with your potential and current customers. The delightful experience tends to leave a lasting impression on the participants about your brand and your messaging.

By participating in events and community activities through sponsorship is also effective when done correctly. Sponsorship attaches your business’ name with important events and worthwhile advocacies. By pitching a customized water station in a benefit run helps put your brand in a good light and promotes your message supporting the cause of the event.

5. Guerilla Marketing

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This method has been proven successful in attracting people’s attention and has made the brand and its creativity go viral. Interacting with potential customers in an unconventional way doesn’t need to be afraid to be funny. One food chain changed it’s trademarked logo to promote their other dishes, an underwear company clothed the bull in Wall Street with oversized underwear. 

The objective of this strategy is to adjust a person’s perspective of relatable icons or espouse a unique idea associated with your brand. The famous pothole repair campaign of one pizza chain has sparked some legitimate civic concerns about government spending and infrastructure budget. People from the streets to officials in the halls of Capitol Hill chimed into the conversation which captured national attention. All of this chatter stemmed because they wanted to protect their pizza delivery – talk about a revolution.

6. Build Influence In Social Media

Social media’s “inspire and sell” market strategy has gained some traction, especially when celebrities join in and interact with their fans directly. Since not everyone has the pull of celebrity nor can afford their talent fees, building an influence has become a suitable avenue for small businesses wanting to launch a campaign for their brand. The use of influencers has become an effective approach with affordable capital and great returns for the investment.

According to studies, because people find influencers credible because they are much more relatable and they do things detached from big corporate entities (the successful ones maintain their distance from them). An influencer has a certain niche and is considered a top authority or just a well-known figure in that field. Choosing the right influencer can not only improve your brand recognition it also elevates its credibility.

The best marketing strategy would always be the one that can deliver the highest ROI. Improving how you measure your KPI and achieve desired outcomes can help you choose the best strategy in marketing your brand or business. Standing a cut above the sea of competition requires you to be diligent and creative in order to, as mentioned above, gain the trust and confidence of your audience.