Trump conciliates with China’s Xi on coronavirus call

Mar 27, 2020 10:40 PM ET

US President Donald Trump and China’s leader Xi Jinping had a “very good conversation” over the phone on Thursday evening, Trump said, to deal with the fast-moving coronavirus pandemic – cases in the United States that are now China and the rest of the world surpass.

The call to Xi, told by Trump Fox News presenter Sean Hannity, that he was delayed by an hour and a half to call “Number 1 on TV shows” beforehand, amid growing tensions between the two powers. Notice between Washington and Beijing about the disease.

The Trump administration has repeatedly drawn attention to the Chinese origin of the virus, while China has praised its own efforts to contain the disease and buy the rest of the world.

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After the call, Trump struck a conciliatory tone.

“China has gone through a lot and developed a strong understanding of the virus,”; Trump said tweeted.

Trump previously referred to the disease as the “Chinese virus”, while members of his government, including Foreign Minister Pompeo, called it the “Wuhan virus”, which angered Chinese officials.

Trump seemed to be withdrawing from office this week and asked about the language change. Thursday said the virus is from China, but “I don’t have to say if they feel so strong about it.”

NBC News reported Wednesday that the Trump administration urged the United States Security Council to recognize the Chinese origins of the corona virus in a joint statement, which angered Chinese diplomats and caused a standoff within the global body.

According to China’s state-run news agency Xinhua, Xi stressed that the disease was a common enemy of humanity, ignoring national borders and races, and calling on the international community to work together to fight the virus.

China has responded transparently and in good time to the new coronavirus epidemic and exchanged scientific information, including the release of viral gene sequences.

According to the country’s foreign ministry, China introduced stricter travel restrictions this weekend to stop international flights and hold entry for many foreigners.

Xi also noted in the call that China-US relations were at an important point, according to Xinhua, and that China would work with the US to share scientific research, medical care, and stabilization in global markets.

The call comes after a rocky year in relations between the world’s two largest economies, which reached a trade deal earlier this year after months of conflict.

China moved earlier this month to drive around a dozen American journalists out of the country. This was retaliatory action for Washington, which forced Chinese state-owned media companies to register as “overseas missions” in the United States and cut staff by 40 percent.

The number of coronavirus infections worldwide reached half a million on Thursday and the number of deaths rose to over 23,000, according to NBC News. World leaders are coming together to curb their impact and prepare for a new initiative in the coming days, the French President said Length signwho also spoke to Trump on Thursday.

Eric Baculinao is a Beijing-based producer. Baculiano is a long-time Beijing resident who is fluent in Chinese. He searches Chinese news daily for pointers to key new political trends and insights into how the secret Chinese Communist Party and governance work.

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