TruWomen Top-Rated by Leading International Fashion Company’s Outlet for Everything Wellness

Sep 3, 2020 3:35 PM ET

TheThirty from Who What Wear places TruWomen’s dessert-inspired, plant-based protein bars among its favorites.

International fashion company Who What Wear’s outlet for everything wellness, TheThirty, recently compiled a list of some of its favorite wellness-focused products across fitness and tech gear, activewear, food, supplements, and more ahead of a major online shopping event. The piece, led by the website’s managing editor, saw TheThirty’s team delve into Denver-based nutrition company TruWomen’s plant-based, dessert-inspired protein bars, praising, first and foremost, its all-new Whole Lotta Macchiato flavor in the lead-up to Amazon Prime Day.

“It’s that time of year: Amazon’s Prime Day,” said TheThirty managing editor, Sarah Yang, at the top of the piece, before delving into the TruWomen protein bar range.

A two-day shopping spree during which buyers can find amazing deals on just about anything, TheThirty, however, was keen to pay special attention to only wellness-focused offers. “For us, we’re paying attention to the wellness-focused deals,” Sarah goes on, “and rest assured, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorites.”

TheThirty looks first at fitness and tech gear, showcasing deals on Apple’s AirPods, Fitbit’s Charge 3 advanced fitness tracker, a set of neoprene dumbbell pairs, and an essential oil diffuser from aromatherapy pioneer, InnoGear. The leading international fashion company’s wellness outlet also looked at activewear deals before turning to food, supplements, and more.

After examining a selection of items including apple cider vinegar gummies and organic vegan protein powder, TheThirty’s team turned to TruWomen’s own vegan offering: its range of wildly popular, plant-based, dessert-inspired protein bars. “TruWomen, Founded by Stephanie Pyatt, launched two new protein bar flavors for Prime Day, including Whole Lotta Macchiato,” notes editor Sarah. “This one’s great for breakfast since it has 80 milligrams of caffeine and 12 grams of protein,” she adds.

Also launched for the online shopping extravaganza was TruWomen‘s similarly unique Whipped for Key Lime Pie flavor. “We launched TruWomen’s all-new Whipped for Key Lime Pie and Whole Lotta Macchiato flavors just in time for Amazon Prime Day,” says a TruWomen representative, “as a special treat for TruWomen fans, and in direct response to customer demand.”

Whipped for Key Lime Pie, the brand says, represents a tart and sweet treat, perfectly in line with the dessert-inspired ethos of the wider TruWomen plant-based protein bar line-up.

Now established as favorites of fashion company Who What Wear’s outlet for everything wellness, TheThirty, TruWomen bars have also recently been revealed to be a favorite of a popular Hollywood A-lister: Halle Berry. A piece by celebrity and entertainment magazine Us Weekly, in fact, reported that both Halle Berry and Megan Fox are TruWomen devotees, with Gothika, Die Another Day, and John Wick: Chapter 3 star Halle, in particular, said to be an especially big fan of TruWomen’s Daydreaming About Donuts flavor.

Soy and dairy-free, verified non-GMO, and certified 100 percent vegan, kosher, and free from gluten, further TruWomen protein bar flavors include Oh Oh Cookie Dough, Smother-Fudger Peanut Butter, Zamn Good Zesty Lemon, and—last but by no means least—Saltylicious Almond Love.


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