Try These Fundamental Exercises To Get Respite From Back Pain

May 3, 2021 4:28 PM ET

Back pain doesn’t come with a warning. But when it occurs, it takes a toll on your overall health. According to a survey, over 60 percent of Americans suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. While you can treat this problem by taking some painkillers, do you know the continuous use of painkillers may harm your health? It is, therefore, suggested to treat the problem more holistically and find a healthy approach to beat the same.

You can get in touch with a chiropractor for back pain and ask them for some stretching and exercises. Many back exercises guarantee reduced back pain. If you perform them in the long run, you will surely get rid of the longing pain and feel healthier.

Eliminating your lower back pain is very much possible. Moreover, you can do so within the comfort of your home. All you need to do is to assemble your Yoga mat and workout pants. Here are some exercises that you can try to reduce back pain.

Child’s Pose:

It is an easy but very effective movement that elongates your spine and releases the tension. You can also perform this pose for various other health benefits.

Sit on your knees by tucking your feet under your back. Extend your arms in front and stretch them as far as possible. Put your upper body on the floor and touch the forehead to the mat without moving your hips. Hold the position for 5 minutes. Repeat.

Lumbar Rotation:

Another brilliant exercise to treat a longing lower back pain is Lumbar Rotation. This exercise includes twisting your lower spine that makes you flexible. This movement also helps you release tension.

Lie down on your back with your knees bent. Stretch your arm out and anchor the back on the floor. Try to bring your knees to the floor on the right side without moving the back. Hold the pose for 15 seconds. Now, bring your knees back to the starting position, and then try this on the left side as well. Repeat.

Pelvic Tilt:

Pelvic Tilt is a popular core exercise and also the easiest to perform. According to Frederick MD chiropractor, this exercise strengthens your core and is the easiest way to increase strength. It also helps to relieve pressure from the spine.

Lie on the back with knees bent and put your hands beneath your head. The arch of your back should not touch the floor. Flex your abdominal muscles such that they push back to the floor without creating space between them and the floor. Hold the pose for 10 seconds. Repeat.

Cobra Pose:

Apart from treating your longing lower back pain, this movement also improves flexibility, aids in digestion, and relieves stress from your mind and body. Many yoga practitioners suggest performing this pose to their clients regularly. This pose also helps you to improve your posture.

Lie down on your stomach with your legs together. Put your palms on the floor, nearby your chest. Push yourself up until the upper body faces forward. Do not lift your hips or lower body while performing this movement. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat.


Many chiropractors suggest that to prevent lower back pain, it is essential to strengthen your core muscles. Stretching your muscles with the help of the above-listed exercises is the easiest way to release tension from your spine. When you release such tension, you not only get rid of the longing back pain but also feel more energetic and flexible. Even if you are not suffering from back pain, these movements will help you remain fit and healthy. Add them to your workout routine and witness the difference yourself.

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