Two Chicago Officers Stripped of Their Police Powers After Shooting a Man at the CTA Station

Mar 18, 2020 7:05 PM ET

Two Chicago police officers have lost their police powers after they shot a man at the Chicago Transit Authority’s Red Line Station on March 4, 2020. According to CBS Chicago, an altercation broke out after officers Melvina Bogard and Bernard Butler attempted to stop a passenger, who has been identified as Ariel Roman from moving between train cars at the Grand Avenue stop. Video footage of the altercation has been released for the public to view.

In the cellphone video footage that was shared, you can see the two officers attempting to handcuff Roman on the train platform. The man quickly became resistant which is why you can hear one officer yelling at Roman more than 10 times to “stop resisting.” As the struggle continued, both officers decided to deploy their Tasers. Roman is then seen breaking away from the Tasers and “staggers to his feet and appears to wipe his face,” perhaps from pepper spray suggests the source. One of the officers then steps back and retrieves her weapon.

After warning Roman to put his hands down, the second officer is heard telling Bogard to shoot him. As Roman attempts to walk away while still rubbing his face, a shot is fired. After the first shot was fired, Roman is seen running up the escalator with both officers trailing right behind him. As he reaches the top, another shot is heard off-camera reports the news source. Another camera then captures Roman at the top of the escalator unresponsive. Emergency medical personnel later arrived at the scene of the incident and transported Roman to the hospital.

Police Supt. Charlie Beck Announces Officers Have Been Temporarily Relieved of Their Duties

After chief administrator Sydney Roberts with the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) recommended that the officers be stripped of their police powers while an investigation is conducted, Beck decided to follow through with the recommendation. While it isn’t clear if the officers will be faced with any sort of disciplinary action just yet, the source did say that the charges filed against Roman had been dropped. Roman was charged with resisting arrest and criminal narcotics.

When should a Chicago, IL police officer resort to deadly force?

Deadly force should only be applied as a last resort and only if an officer feels their life is in immediate danger. If an officer applies a level of force that is greater than what is necessary, it is considered excessive force. If you are a victim of excessive force, contact the Chicago, IL police brutality lawyers at Dinizulu Law Group, Ltd. at 1-312-384-1920 for legal help.

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