Two Helpless Men Were Shot And Killed After They Went Out In Search For Food Amid Coronavirus Layoffs

Apr 1, 2020 8:20 PM ET

Jake Sansom, 39, and Morris Cardinal, 57

Two men who had as of late lost their positions in the midst of the coronavirus emergency were shot and murdered while chasing for nourishment to take care of their families.

As the Edmondton Journal reports, Jake Sansom, 39, and Morris Cardinal, 57, were discovered shot to death close to a provincial street in Alberta, Canada, on Saturday, the day after the pair set off for a chasing an angling trip. Sansom had as of late lost his employment as a technician, supposedly because of the savage worldwide pandemic. He abandons a spouse and three kids.

Both Sansom and Cardinal, who were chasing lawfully, were portrayed in the report as individuals who might give you the shirt away from them.

According Sansom Brother

I felt like my heart has been torn through my stomach and I haven’t had the option to eat for three days, Sansom’s sibling told the newspaper.

They helped everyone. No one had an issue with them … They got killed for reasons unknown. There’s nothing. There’s no purpose behind it.

Jake was running out of money for groceries 

The casualty’s sibling said that Jake was coming up short on cash for food supplies while anticipating an upgrade check from the administration.

Police have not secured any suspects and are looking for witnesses who may have caught pictures of potential suspects.

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